Home Inspections and Home Inspectors in Kankakee County

Home Inspections and Home Inspectors in Kankakee County

Whether you are a home owner looking to sell their house or a potential buyer who wants to buy the house, it is extremely important that you get Home Inspectors in Kankakee County to do a complete home inspection for you and give you a report on the spot. They take up to four hours depending on the size of the house. Stay with them when they do the inspection so you can ask any questions you may have about Home Inspections in Kankakee County observations and what they mean for you.

What main parts will be covered

The house has many nooks and corners, so it will help to create a list and keep checking off the items as they are inspected. When it comes to the roof, it should be checked for flashing, missing shingles, leaks and other defects. The exterior of the chimney structure should also be inspected. Home Inspectors in Kankakee County should also look at down and gutter spouts and other defects that result in damage to areas around and including the roof. The structural damages are very dangerous and not always visible unless you take a closer look. The foundation, attics, walls, water penetration, crawl space and floors should be covered by Home Inspections in Kankakee County. Water damages can be very costly as they damage the walls and floors and are not visible sometimes till the damage has been done. That is why it is very important to ensure the plumbing is inspected by experts. The pipes in the plumbing should be checked to ensure there are no leaks. Even the fixtures should be inspected for any leaks. It should be ensured that there is a proper supply of water. Not only the water coming in should be checked, it should also be ensured that waste water drainage is proper. And last, but not the least, the water heater should be inspected to make sure it is operational and shows no signs of problems.

What else will be covered?

Now that we have gone through what basic things should be covered as part of Home Inspections in Kankakee County, let us look at what else should also be looked at. The electrical side of inspections should cover electrical supply, proper operation and installation of electrical infrastructure, GFCIs, etc. All the electrical switches should be checked to ensure they are working. Also, it should be ensured that grounding is proper so as to prevent electric shocks. All the appliances in the house need to be checked to ensure they are working. The inspection should make sure that the dishwasher is operating fine. The range should be checked to ensure it is operational. The disposal working should be verified. The refrigerator should be checked to see if is working and the temperature knob is working fine. All the heating and cooling systems should be inspected to ensure that the equipment is installed properly and is in satisfactory operational condition.

So now that you have seen the scope of inspection, you must get it done.

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