The GRANTWEAR collection is a men’s and women’s line that consist of shirts, hoodies, caps, jackets, backpacks and accessories. A lot of my shirt designs begin with Grant me. Grant me is like saying give me. I thought about things that people usually want or ask for in life and I put the inspiration on shirts and hoodies. It is necessary to speak whatever you want to happen in your life into existence. I believe in positive thoughts and ideas so why not wear positive thoughts and ideas on a shirt or hoodie? Speak whatever you want in your life into existence. The teacher’s prayer was influenced by my 15 years as a kindergarten teacher. I just wanted to show some love and support to our teachers. We work hard while inspiring the lives of our scholars. Some days it may get rough, but the prayer will remind us why we chose the teaching profession. Now that you know a little about me now it’s time to support my brand. Thank you to everyone for the love. Spread the word and shop at  Grantwear

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