Getting Out of the Thick- When Things Don’t Work in SEO?

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There are moments when SEO tactics may not serve the purpose as you’d think. Here are some possible reasons-

  • Being over-aggressive with SEO strategies
  • Getting penalized by Google for improper knowledge
  • Using old/spammy/ black-hat practices

It might seem tricky getting out of the thick, although there are some consistent ways with to get your hump “back on track”.

Here at iMark Infotech, we present you immediate action plans to retrograde your website with the meticulous SEO strategies, carefully crafted for your niche.

Let’s list you some of the approaches to hummock your rankings, traffic and conversions.  

Getting a Diagnosis Done

There are fundamentally two ways of assessing- if your SEO tactics are failing?

At first, you will find a massive drop in the organic search for your website. This may appear disastrous and you will notice a consequential fall down. Something like this-

Google Analytics Stats

The other way you would know about the fall in the rankings is by receiving a message from Google Search Console. If you are yet to sign up with search console, please do so immediately.

Google Search Console

Manual Penalties

Understand that, if you are getting a communication directly from Google Search Console, this implies someone at Google examined your website and you will suffer a penalty now.

Now, if this occurs you will get an extensive message from Google explaining the situation and why your website is being penalized. Here are some common reasons for penalties-

  • Sitewide link
  • Partial link
  • Thin content

So assuming that your website is assessed for bad and irrelevant content, the message in your Google Search Console would appear something like this-

Manual Actions

What can you do after getting a penalty from Google?

Once you have received the manual penalty, here are some measures that you should immediately take-

  • Ascertain the right reason for the penalty. For example- if you got a content penalty, you need to be absolutely sure which pages were found by Google to be consistent of low-quality content.
  • Find a solution to the issues and take the remedial steps.
  • Submit a Reconsideration Request to Google urging them to withdraw the penalty.

Algorithmic Penalties

You might be well conscious that Google rolls out multiple updates in the year. Google is persistently striving to enhance the user experience, by advancing its algorithms.

As a result, there are some penalties inflicted on websites that do not adhere to Google’s algorithm updates, which consists of-

  • Panda- One of the main components in the Google main algorithm, this ascertains if the content is user relevant and of fine quality.
  • Penguin- Again a major element of the principal Google algorithm, this determines the poor quality and spammy links.
  • Search Quality- This inspects the overall site and page quality
  • Top Heavy Ads-Spots website relying profoundly on advertising
  • Spammy Sites- Detects spammy websites ( a commonly adopted strategy of the “Payday Loan Sites”). Every website using illicit tactics is identified.

Usually, you don’t encounter any penalties specified with the regular updates, however, you will testify a notable drop in your rankings if you are not paying close consideration to what Google is circumscribing.

Google Algorithm Update

What To Do?

If you have been facing falls in your traffic because of algorithmic updates, the first thing to do is to detect the reason. Remember that algorithm fails are not messaged in the Search Console, so you will have to be conscious of all what is happening in the world of SEO.

Another thing, Google does not announce the updates anymore like it used to do before during Panda and Penguin, so it is more important to be in a brew now.

Assessing the website more frequently is crucial and you will have to evaluate the strong points and the weak points with a critical evaluation of your website structuring and to-date SEO issues.

In the End…

If your SEO efforts are getting exhausted and you are enduring a heavy downfall in rankings, you can reach and talk to our experts at iMark Infotech.

We are the leading digital marketing firm trusted by big brands and small businesses alike. Having served a 2000+ client base, we help you dominate search engines, engage socially and drive more business online.

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