Getting Rid Of the Other Woman – Simple and Clean

Getting Rid Of the Other Woman – Simple and Clean

If you cheat on a person whether it is your spouse or perhaps your own girlfriend, you’re showing to everybody involved that you’re self-centered and childish. The best way to help make things perfect is always to end the relationship and offer 100% to your current wife or girlfriend, the one that you promised you’d be loyal to. The concern is, the other girl may perhaps truly care for you and you will certainly hurt her too, hence always be careful the way you start getting rid of the other woman.

The very first thing you should do is certainly speak with her. If you’ve been lying to her and she doesn’t have any idea you’re hitched or perhaps in another relationship, you’ve truly messed up. You will in all probability trigger her lots of pain however; you need to crack the routine of lying and being unfaithful. You need to be as mild as you can, however remind her in absolutely no uncertain terms that it is over and you don’t want to see her again.

If your lover knows that you’re married or in another relationship, ending things with her will be a little easier, hopefully. At least you haven’t lied to her too. Just make a clean break.

You have to make sure and make a total break from the other woman, which means no phone calls, racy texts, or fantasies. If you want your marriage or your relationship with your girlfriend to work you have to give her 100% fidelity and that means even in your mind. Fantasizing is fine as long as your fantasies revolve around a movie star or a person you don’t know, if you’re still fantasizing about your mistress than you haven’t totally ended the relationship.

Make sure you get rid of her phone number, delete her email address and all emails the two of you have exchanged. If you’ve been given any presents or mementos, get rid of them too. You have to make a fresh start and you can’t do that if you’re still holding on to your mistress, even in small ways.

If the other woman was someone you met at work, you will see her on a daily basis so it will become even more necessary that you let her know everything is over. Don’t lead her on just to stroke your own ego. Tell her it’s over and follow up the words with clear actions, if the two of you used to hang out during your lunch hour, try to take your lunch at a different time or don’t go to the same places where you used to meet her. Alter your routine so that you can avoid her as much as possible that way you’ll be letting her know by your actions as well as your words that it truly is over for good.

The other woman is often villainized in our society and if a woman knowingly goes out with a married man she has some moral issues she needs to deal with, but the bottom line is that you are the one who made the commitment to your wife or girlfriend, and you are the one who broke it. It’s your responsibility to make things right and the first step to do that is by getting rid of the other woman and make a total commitment to your wife.

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