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As the idea of glass pool fence is steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years, Blitz Glass brings superior quality fences for their customers. If you are looking to add pizzazz to your yard then glass pool fencing Sunshine Coast from Blitz Glass undoubtedly brings out immense creative flavour on top of serving a very practical purpose. With a glass pool fence there are no visible clunky large iron bars or wooden beams which ensures that the aesthetic value of the pool and its surrounding areas is laid bare for all to see and revel in its magnificence.

Blitz Glass has forte in installing glass pool fencing which is particularly not an easy task to embark on and there are a few considerations one should make before embarking on the same. The team at Blitz Glass ensures that they customize the fence and other accessories according to the requirements of their clients. Home owners often trust the professionals at Blitz Glass to fulfil the purpose of the fence such as to prevent toddlers or pets from accessing the pool or for purely aesthetic purposes.

Glass pool fence offers transparency if the home owners so desire. Today glass is becoming one of the most sought after materials that evoke a modern appeal and a touch of elegance. Glass fence is no exception. Used as safety barrier it maximizes a person’s view and initiates a sense of excitement.

Glass pool fence can be fixed spigot fixed in case of which spigots made of high quality stainless steel are used. Spigots are fixed into the holes on the ground or they are bolted on the surface where they are being fixed. Spigot method uses a standard toughened glass with polished edges. Blitz Glass offers Stainless Steel Spigot Range that has a very elegant and modern look. Steel style is minimalist and it goes well with either classic or modern decor. With these stainless steel spigot varieties offering great value they are very functional and robust and give the idea of durability.

About Blitz Glass:

Blitz Glass established in 2009 on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, is the leading local supplier of pool fencing, balustrading, shower panels and screening. Over the years they have progressed from being a supply & installation business into a wholesale supplier of an extensive range of high quality products to the Trade and DIY market.

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