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There are so many online players in the gaming cabinet from India. In fact, there are so many gamers from India are looking for a Gaming Cabinet with more capacity than a DVD player. A large variety of DVD players are available in the market today. There are a DVD burner and a CD burner available in the market. In addition, there are several other options in the form of CD racks, DVD mirrors, and CD cases that can accommodate the DVD or CD that is stored in the cabinet.

The gaming cabinet from India is one of the best options in case of quality, performance, size and price. There are various models in the same. There are so many options that offer quality, performance and reliability in the market. One of the popular options that have good demand in the market is the ATX gaming units from Asia. This cabinet has so many features that are not available in any other cabinets from India.

It has the AMD Phenom II X2, one of the latest processors in the market today. The AMD Athlon II X2 processor is capable of running faster and has greater energy efficiency, compared to the older processors.

The gaming cabinet from India can support dual core processors with the RGB-extend; which can increase the video output by up to 40%. This means that you get the excellent clarity and resolution, when watching the DVD movies on DVD disc.

There are plenty of computer models in the market today, like the ones from the Intel Pentium Dual Core EDE and AMD Athlon II X10. With the Gaming PC cabinet, you can make your system faster, better and stronger.

The Gaming PC case has a unique dual layer design. It has an ultra modern appearance and comes with a cooling fan in the front. In the front, you can also find the dedicated RGB controls, which gives you the freedom of using it in dual colors. The side ports and slots can accommodate up to two different monitors, a CPU and a headphone; and all this in a compact size, just like a DVD player!

The interior design of the Gaming PC cabinet has a full metal body. The front has full functional graphics and LED lights, while the sides are simply covered with black plastic. There is an adjustable VGA mount hole and full length I/O ports located on the left and right side window panel.

The rear ventilation hole allows you to use a powerful and long lasting blower, which is helpful in maximizing the air flow. With the large number of fans, cooling fans and vents in the front of the Gaming PC case, you get to enjoy the ultimate performance and cooling capabilities.

The most important feature of the Gaming PC cabinet is its cooling system. It has the triple fans which can cool the motherboard, tower, CPU and all the graphic cards inside your computer – in one simple, clean line of sight. The ant esports ice-120ag is capable of achieving overclock speeds of up to 1250 MHz and boasts of the best performing CPU cooler that has ever been created. This is among the few PCs that have incorporated a standard USB port and headphone jack.

One of the most popular models available in the market is the nx200 mid range i.e. the Gaming Cabinet with RGB LEDs and ports. The cabinet has a full keyboard and mouse tray, with backlit keys for ultimate convenience. The complete Gaming keyboard and mouse set come with a complete set of gaming cables and adapter as well.

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The gaming cabinets are available at a price of only around Rs 13000 including the mounting hardware. While there are many other gaming cabinets on the market, the Xorus Gaming rand is one of the most popular and most affordable.

The Gaming rand from Chiptronex mx2 RGB mid tower cabinet comes with an integrated rear fan, which is extremely quiet. You can expect maximum performance from this motherboard/aptop combo by just installing the standard AMD setup.

The Chiptronex mx2 RGB mid tower is a well-built, compact, fully modelled gaming computer that can easily be configured into a dual screen configuration with the help of two USB ports and a Firewire port. In terms of cooling capacity, this unit is well rated and will help you build an awesome machine.

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