Fundamentals of token Airdrop in AirP2P

Fundamentals of token Airdrop in AirP2P

Token airdrop is a very integral concept in the world of cryptocurrency but very few people tend to have the requisite knowledge about the aforementioned. The concept of airdrop essentially benefits the common people associated with the platform and the token holders. One can easily envision the aforementioned to be an integral concept of crypto-well-being.

What is a crypto airdrop?

Cryptocurrency airdrop isn’t some rocket science but a very easy subject. It is essentially a phenomenon or move which is limited to a certain period of time and is an event which is initialized by the ICO project heads of the company.

The phenomenon of crypto airdrop is basically marked by the distribution of free tokens (a certain number of free tokens) to the early adaptors or wallet holders associated with the crypto project. It can also be envisioned as a reward system which is offered to the earliest lot of wallet holders of ICO participants. In most cases the amount of airdropped tokens tends to be directly proportional to the amount of cryptocurrency present in the holders wallet.

Crypto Airdrop in AirP2P

Sighting the proposition of airdrop as a possible way of inducing more attention, we bring forth this proposition for the benefit of the company and the individuals associated with it. It is better to address the aforementioned as a reward for the individuals that would be associated with the company from the very beginning of the ICO itself.

  • Active trade and exchange: In the modern age there is absolutely no denying the fact that cryptocurrencies have evolved as more than just a simple digital asset. They are nowadays also envisioned as trading assets owing to their dynamic valuation.
    Premier Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether have been dominant in the market for a very long period of time and have certainly evolved as a money making means for the traders. We wish to infuse the same characteristics within the AirP2P interface as well owing to which we are inclined towards its evolution as a worthy and reliable trading asset.
  • An exchange platform solely designed for AirP2P: Owing to the bright prospects of the cryptocoin, we have carefully designed an exchange platform that will allow the people to hold on to their alt coin stash and use it for the purpose of trade and exchange. We have ensured that we pay all the requisite attention to the ideal development of the platform so that people can be at ease with their investment.
    We have paid special attention to details ensuring the prolificacy of the exchange platform in terms of the services which it is ought to deliver. It is safe and equally anonymous which ensures its credentials as a decentralized platform.

We have been successful at sighting the future of the blockchain technology and therefore it is our primary duty to ensure that everyone is able to benefit from its prospects. With the inclusion of AirP2P cryptocoin in the market, we wish to provide our clients with something to look forward to as a safe and profitable investment option in the cryptocurrency arcadia.

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