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Do you love playing online games? Would you believe it if we say you can make real cash out of playing games online? Surprising, right?

Well, the term “Games” can be an enjoyable part for most of the generation. Yet, it can be a great way to have some passive income as well. Games have the aptitude to get participants on their heels, and why not? After all, we all love spending our free time playing games, whether it’s playing Super Mario on the computer or simple crossword puzzles on smartphone devices or even newspapers/ magazines.

While playing these simple to moderate entertaining games, have you ever thought to play word games for money? If not, it is time that we provide you some exciting information about those online games through which you can earn a decent amount of genuine cash by just sitting on your comfortable couch.

Yes, you read it right! You can earn real money by playing simple word puzzles that can change your life upside down. So, without further ado, let us know how online crossword games are best to rejuvenate yourself by generating side income.

Crosswords games are really fun! It comes with simple word-solving puzzles, which are even the best exercise for your brain that you can consider in your spare time.

Where Can I Find Games That Reward In Real Cash?

Well, this is a real struggle for online gamers who, additionally, wish to earn by playing online games. This common question we encounter on a daily basis from gamers across the globe. We call it “real catch!”

If you browse online, you will encounter an uncountable number of online crosswords games or word puzzle games that offer the ‘play word games for money’ concept. And, these rewarding play-and-win cash games are everywhere available on the internet.

Surprisingly, online portals are full of word puzzle games, which come with easy and simple tricks to play and win. Since most online word games offer you money as a reward, you have to be a little careful while choosing the games. All you have to do is, practice a regular web search on the internet, and you will find out some interesting yet fun to solve puzzle games.

Still, beware of some original, authentic games as only a few games are competent enough to rely upon, and the rest are fake!

Why Should You Consider Playing Online Word Puzzle Games?

Why not? Crossword puzzles come stuffed with an impeccable crate of rewards. It helps the gamer or participator gain a number of skills, for example, improve vocabulary, reasoning abilities, more active word-formation skills, etc.

When you would be excited, these puzzles may bother you a bit as these games require you to have some set usual-level vocab at least. However, once you begin to solve and play word games for money on a daily basis, you will shortly be able to deduct the pattern and theme very promptly.

Moreover, determining the theme is a challenging part. However, with practice, you can accomplish this problem instantly.

So, if you are still confused or thinking about why you should play these online word puzzle games? Here is a universal yet simple answer from us to this question , these games are the best choice for spare time. Additionally, these are some simple online games that will pay you money for real as well. What else can excite you more?

How Can I Play Online Crosswords and Earn Real Money?

Now coming to the most-awaited and highlighted part of the article – how can you play and earn through online crosswords games.

If you are a virtuoso or a learner with a fondness for gaining various skills during your spare time, we believe there is nothing better than playing and solving crossword puzzles. You can effortlessly start by resolving easy puzzles plus, additionally, learn tons of various types of words to enhance your vocabulary.

Once you grab a solid liking for exercising these word puzzles, then you can start over to shape your way towards the next step to become a graduate in these games. The next succeeding step of word games is capturing yourself into solving these real cash prize plays. Now you know your doable steps; therefore, you can enjoy a blast of entertainment and prizes from your side and gain excessive money daily.

Till now, if you have grown a keen interest to play word games for money and generate side income, we have come along with an exciting list of cash-rewarding games exclusively for you! So, let’s have a fleet glance at the list of real money making games which might interest you. Making money with these online games is now easy!


If you love brain games like scrabble, trivia, or word games, you will find Wealth Words stimulating. Plus, it offers participants real rewards if you can crack the puzzles. Undoubtedly, it’s among the best online crosswords games you will find on the internet. Unlike the traditional paperback crosswords, Wealth Words is available online. By using your knowledge, you can win up to $3000 easily.

  • Bingo4Money

With astonishing extra cash and giveaways, jackpots, Bingo games have won many hearts. Being one of the most popular online games, it offers nearly 300 games to choose from as per the gamer’s preference. And the most satisfying part is, you will get an instant $25 when you sign up.

  • Cash Dazzle

Cash Dazzle offers a plethora of games that you can consider to play word games for money free and earn tokens that you can withdraw once you win. And the rewards are plenty! The more you engage, the higher you will get the victory – simple!

  • Real Money Word Search

Can you beat the clock? If so, this is what your brain wants. By challenging the time, you have to search as many words as you can find. Hence, you can enter the world of cash prizes with ease.

  • NYTimes– Crossword

NYTimes word puzzle is still great entertainment during morning coffee, traffic jam, or while sitting on the metro. This New York Times daily crossword puzzle is currently an ongoing game available on your smartphone that even pays the players premium bonus and rewards.


From the list of games reviewed above, you can see that you do not always have to spend money on games if you want to earn money. However, you have to be careful of the games you choose, by going through their reviews and firstly try out and see how quickly the money comes in your wallet before you start spending more time on it.  There are many free and quality games, when played well, can become and additional source of income.

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