How To Fix Can’t Sign Into Hotmail / Outlook

How To Fix Can’t Sign Into Hotmail / Outlook

Since hotmail has been migrated into outlook. There are so many users complaining about email sign in problem.

They are getting various kind of error messages during the sign in process. Sometimes, they get incorrect email address or password message, sometimes they have to go through something went wrong error message.

Today, in this article we are going to show you, how can you fix hotmail sign in problem by yourself?  So if you are also facing login problem with your email account. I will suggest you to follow the instructions given below.

Reason behind hotmail sign in problem-

  1. Incorrect email address and password.
  2. Server problem.
  3. Network issue.
  4. Security issue.

So these are four common reasons behind can’t sign into hotmail account. now it’s a time for me to share troubleshooting instructions to fix the account.

So follow the instructions to fix the problem.

  1. Incorrect email address- after entering the email and password, when you hit email sign in button and you are getting incorrect email address and password message in the revert. Probably, you are typing the incorrect user information. That’s why you are getting this error message.

In that case, you should try to reset the user name and password , after that try to login again. let’s see if your account is working now or not.

  1. Server Problem – sometimes, the problem may be related to server side. May be there is an update going on that’s why you are going through hotmail sign in problem. so before making any changes into your account settings. I will suggest you, check the server status first.

If the server is down in your area, don’t do anything, just relax. Once the server will be up and working fine, your account will also start working fine.

  1. Security settings- hotmail is very strict on security basis. If they will find any kind of unauthorized activity into your account. they might block your account for temporary or permanent basis. In that situation, you have to contact to Microsoft and give them some id’s proofs to verify the account. then your account will start working fine.

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