FitnessAdvisor101’s Newly Released Review on Sole Fitness Treadmills

While Sole Fitness is slowly moving forward in making its name known in the competitive market for exercise equipment, FitnessAdvisor101 is gaining more interests in the name by releasing multiple articles on it.


And this time, the fitness equipment review site has returned to take its shot at the name through a review of four of its most prized treadmills: The Sole Fitness F85, F80, F65, and F63.


Their value and quality compared to others had already been proved to be far superior from their appearance on the site, dedicated to only presenting the best possible machines to its readers. Filtrated from among a diverse pool of possible subjects with the Sole Fitness name through the writers objective search for three aspects: Affordability, durability, and functionality. By surviving the selection process, they have all proven themselves to be all equally good treadmills.


However, the personal ratings that were given to individual machines still differ: With the score ranging from a 4 out of 5, to as high as 4.7 out of 5. This generally above average score for all four models in question were all justified by the many reviews left by satisfied customers.


Which is the reason why praises coming from the writers are not so rare in the article:


“… a best-seller and it will lot let you down when you choose. It lays between an entry-level and the professional level. This product comes with a good value-added and high-quality parts.” – Sole F80.


“… an excellent candidate for an indoor cardio training. The motor and other parts can endure a long time use and this model has a capability to handle tall users.” – Sole F63.


“This unique model is the top product in the line-up, and Sole isn’t overreaching when they claim it’s the world’s best folding treadmill.” – Sole F85.


“Sole F65 is a good value in its price class. This treadmill is compact, sturdy and perfectly suit your home gymnasium.” – Sole F65.


The article also has done a good job at guiding readers through the process of deciding whether they should buy any of the four machines or not through a comprehensive pros and cons section.


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