Fitness Intents, A Focus On Health And Fitness Apparel The Natural Way

Just imagine walking into the fitness shop and having all your fitness, health and wellness needs catered for. Better yet, every item is of exceptional quality and tested to the highest standard.


At Fitness Intents there supplements that actually work with your natural body’s chemistry. This is because all the supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients, no fillers or binders, so you get optimal care for your body in a high quality product. It’s this kind of standard that means Fitness Intents customers have access to the best kinds of supplements all year round.


Feeling a little bloated, or heavier than usual? No problem. At Fitness Intents the focus on natural supplements extends all the way to their weight loss aids, all of which are made with 100% natural ingredients. Although these weight loss aids are natural, they are still very effective in winning the war against the battle of the bulge. In fact, being all natural means they work with your body instead of against it, bringing balance to your entire system while reducing weight. This is perfect for our customers, many of whom don’t want to compromise health just to lose a few pounds.


Fitness Intents retail stores are filled with the exciting fitness apparel, skin care, health accessories and gift items. There is a constant strive to be a one-stop shop for wellness-focused women and men. All workout clothes are endurable, stylish and excellent quality, creating fitness clothing that lasts and look great.


One of the things that Fitness Intents has also been deligent in providing for their customers is options for pain relief. “To help our customers become healthier and fitter, we look the body as a whole,” says Mel, Fitness Intents CEO and Co-Founder. “This is the reasons we are thrilled to offer a line of pain management relief, from hand held massagers and supports, all vital items to have at hand when you’re deep in an exercise regime”.


In alignment with whole body wellness, Fitness Intents provides natural sleeping aids. These combat sleep issues without the need for individuals to have to take stronger medication. All of the natural sleep apparatus provide a great solution to the age old problem of insomina and snoring issues.


For skin that glows health, Fitness Intents delivers facial cleansers and detoxifiers, along with skin accessories such as our highly coveted skin tag remover, and electric face cleaners. All of which ensure that you feel and look your very best every single day.


In today’s active lifestyle, Fitness Intents unique combinations of high quality vitamins, fitness wear, skin care and more, delivers wellness benefits that keep customers happy and full of healthy Energy. For more visit

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