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Ezega Engineering PLC is the leading and largest news and information portal with extremely intuitive and customer-friendly interface to serve the local Ethiopian public as well as people abroad. The portal includes numerous sections with individualistic focus on each field such as News, Jobs, Real Estate, Classifieds, Entertainment and Business Guide.

Ezega provides breaking news, latest Ethiopian jobs, including engineering jobs in Ethiopia, real estate for sale or rent, classifieds, shopping place, and tools for entertainment and social networking. The site is divided into six major sections: Ezega News, Ezega Jobs, Ezega Real Estate, Ezega Classifieds, Ezega Entertainment, and Ezega Business Guide.

Ezega News is the leading provider of breaking news of interest to Ethiopians at home and abroad. The team at Ezega posts select news as they become availabel. The news section includes categories for business in Ethiopia, Ethiopian news, African news, and international news. It also includes news segments for business, sports, entertainment, politics, commentary, etc.

Ezega Jobs provides the latest vacancies that are relevant especially for the Ethiopian community. At Ezega, companies can register and create their profile. They can post vacancies at any time, screen resumes of potential candidates, invite potential candidates to apply for openings, and coordinate their pre- and post-interview activities. Jobs seekers can view latest job openings, save their favourite job openings, create multiple resumes, edit/activate/deactivate their resumes, and apply for jobs online. Their Private Message Board (PMB) allows employers and jobs seekers to communicate online at any time.

Currently, Ethiopia ranks 159th out of 190 countries on doing business index in 2019. Small and Medium businesses are springing up everywhere in Addis Ababa, the capital and financial hub of Ethiopia, and other regions as well. Ezega Business Guide offers help to potential business starters to expanding their business contacts and growing their business. It acts more of a business gateway to Ethiopian businesses, providing thousands of business profiles and contact information in Ethiopia.

About Ezega Engineering PLC:

Ezega Engineering PLC is one of the leading software companies in Ethiopia. Formed in 2007, it provides the Ethiopian public and government and private organizations web and custom software services. The head office is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and it has several information technology specialists and support staff. The company has established alliances with several foreign companies that allow it to subcontract part of its workload and fulfil its commitments.

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