Explore New Zealand: The North Island

Explore New Zealand: The North Island

Choosing the best country to visit will give us a hard time because obviously, almost all of them are a must. But if you are currently eyeing for a place of lush greeneries and rich culture, you will never go wrong with New Zealand.


New Zealand is not just for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings fans. Rather, it is for everyone. Yes, it is popular for these movies as they were filmed here, but New Zealand has more to offer and people of all ages will certainly enjoy every second of it.


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Here are some North Island must-visits:


The Hobbiton

Fans or not, you would want to visit The Hobbiton. Located at the heart of New Zealand, this magical place will transport you to a surreal journey throughout the hometown of J.R.R Tolkien’s beloved hobbits. The beauty is timeless and the design—from the carvings on the wood walls to the entirety of the family sheep farm will take your breath away.


Green Dragon Inn

Before bidding farewell to The Hobbiton, you may consider going for a lunch at the Green Dragon Inn where visitors will be provided a complimentary and exclusive Hobbit Southfarthing beverage. Don’t miss it lest your whole adventure will not be complete!



Rotorua is an adventure playground for all ages. This is also the perfect place to visit while on a special family getaway. Among the activities that you can enjoy are fishing, eco-tours, mountain biking and strolling around some of the popular lakes. From the rich natural wildlife to the fascinating hidden gems, Rotorua will rather leave you utterly in awe.


Waitomo Caves

There are numerous ways to enjoy the northern part of New Zealand, and you can actually miss most of them but definitely not the ultimate bucket-list entry, the Waitomo Caves. Don’t worry, caves are not always scary. In Waitomo, you will be able to witness a galaxy of tiny living lights. Sounds interesting, right? This galaxy of tiny living lights are actually a bunch of Arachnocampa Luminosa, a glow worm species found exclusively in New Zealand.


Pohutu Geyser in Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley

Are you ready to encounter an active geyser? You should be for it could be a crazy and memorable experience especially that you’re in New Zealand where you can see the Pohutu Geyser, a place where royals and a lot of tourists have been before. Savor the sight and don’t forget to capture a few shots!


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