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Every sector of the economy is suffering from the impacts of Covid-19 throughout the globe. This pandemic has triggered India in the middle of march. Therefore, to curb the further spread of Covid-19 all the state  governments passed the orders of shutting down schools and colleges temporarily. Even the prime minister of the country, Mr Narendra Modi, locked down the entire nation.

But with time there is a rapid increase in the number of patients of Covid-19. Further, seeing the huge numbers, the government of India has urged every school and college to remain closed till June (as of  new circular). No wonder the educational sector including all the teachers and students are facing a tough time. Since, exams and placement largely takes place at the end of March and beginning of April. To bridge this gap mostly all the schools and universities have adopted virtual teaching.

Schools and colleges have adopted online teaching methodology. All the syllabus shall be covered through online e-molecules or Online Assessment. They have provided online pdfs, assignments, explanatory videos. No doubts we are using technology to erase the gap. But the important question is are we at a safe place?  Are we able to cater the same quality of education to all the students throughout the nation? No, we cannot because every school doesn’t have enough resources. Especially schools in semi-urban and rural areas of the country have to suffer a lot. They still adopt Offline Assessment.

Children and schools in the backward areas of the country are not privileged enough. They don’t have laptops or computers. So, they have no access to e-learning solutions in this complete shutdown. Further, most of them don’t have access to healthy foods. This decision isn’t related to one aspect of the economy but more than that. Social stress, societal harmony, education and other various things like this impacts the social. On the overall level this pandemic affects the social and economical situations of the country.

This pandemic has adversely affected all the countries throughout. International students are barred from  the colleges or universities. They are left with no options. The biggest concern of this pandemic lies on all the corporate officials. Due to this pandemic there will surely be a significant increase in the unemployment rate. The center has estimated a huge downfall in the Indian economy. With the ongoing increase in Covid-19 the number of students who are interested to go abroad and study will definitely see a decline.

This pandemic has transformed the teaching mode of the country and world-wide. They have gone from the conventional ways of teaching to the modern or digital ways of teaching. However, the significant disturbance between the students who are actually receiving quality education needs to be widened. To give equal opportunities to all the students is still a mission by most of the state governments. They are working to drive the engagement and tackle the digital divide.

The central government with all the state governments is working on a long term plan to achieve a sustainable growth in Indian education system in the long term.

Even the test Delivery Provider at this time is facing a lot of difficulty. We cannot certainly tell what we are lacking as a country. Most marginalized sectors of the country are facing huge troubles at this time.
Beyond this pandemic India is  getting famous and recognized globally for its culture and value. One of the first things is its namaste. Namaste is taken as a global greeting gesture because it transmits zero bacteria. Other than this our vegetation and yoga has gained significant appreciation. Indian medicine and herbs are now used by people throughout the globe.

We surely need to take some necessary measures to improve the current situation. But at the same time we should not go all negative. We should be extremely hopeful and look forward to the betterment of this situation. 

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