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Today in the golden era of digitalization it is important that entertainment industry gears up to represent artists across all media and genre platforms while collaborating with their agents. Now you can discover newly created entertainment platform especially for agencies, artists & fans to promote entertainers and generate fan support across all entertainment genres. The internet has made it possible to attract the attention of fans, as the outreach increases.

As the professional talent platforms they support artists through the agency based on popularity on the platform and provide support to successful artists. They also enable fans to support agencies and their projects directly and actively endeavor to bring new promotional companies and advertising opportunities to the platform. The professionals endeavor to work as an individual, team of professionals or company to guide the professional career of artists while collaborating with their agents in the entertainment industry. The responsibility of the talent professionals is help agencies that support the artists to oversee the day-to-day business affairs of an artist; advice and counsel talent concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect their career.

The roles and responsibilities of marketplace for agents vary from industry to industry. They provide backing to artists via their agencies at the same time performing duties that support artists from different genres. Artists can find support from such agencies which are in lieu supported by the professional platforms to manage fan following and promote their talents.

The major services offered by talent platforms through the agencies to support artists include:

  • Sponsorship – Commercial and community actions, synchronization rights, commercials, movies, trailers & video games, etc.
  • Content – Content sold via the platforms mobile networks, including music sales, live/concert tickets, premium goods and other content.
  • Promotions – Tie ups, advertising, social media, alliance promotion companies.

The platforms or marketplaces that focus on engaging with professional talent agencies utilize social media as a common form of online networking for managers, and platforms. They are prominently noted for their use in networking in the entertainment industry. While networking on behalf of the client they help the artists through the channel of agencies.

OLE-STARS platform is a marketplace for agents to share talent across regions and receive feedback directly from the community. They provide funding directly to an agency and listening to the consumers directly, thus reducing risk and saving valuable time, by engaging with the community at new level consumers become incentive to follow an artist trek to the very top of the industry.

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