Different Types Of Moves and Moving Services

Different Types Of Moves and Moving Services

We all know how hectic a moving process is. Underlaid with a great amount of stress, it is better to pre-plan your move before it becomes a nerve-wracking experience. But before you start searching the moving companies for transporting your items, make sure that you are aware of the different types of moves and moving services available.

Here are the different categories of moves and the moving services.

Based on the distance:

1. International Move: The international move would require the packing and boxing placed in sea freight containers. It is quite significant to use a moving company that is having a license. Inquire about the destination country by contacting the Embassy. Ask about the regulations, restrictions, and, charges that you need to face in other countries. Professional packing is done in freight containers and they are lifted by the cranes which can cause a lot of movement of your items while in transit. Ensure that everything is packed and stored properly.

2. Interstate Move: This is a move from one state to another. You need to hire the long distance movers for this type of move. Ask about the type of packing supplies they would be using to transport your belongings while you are moving to a new state. Inquire about the rules of moving an automobile there.

3. Intrastate Move or Local Move: The Intrastate move is when you are moving to an area that is not far away from your current and is local to it within the same state. For instance, if you are moving from Brooklyn, NY to the Queens area of New York, then it makes quite a sense to hire the Brooklyn local movers.

Based on the type of belongings you want to move, it is categorized into 3 parts:

1. Household or Residential Move: The Household move is moving your hour house to a new location.
2. Corporate Move or Office Relocation: Moving your business or office to a new location.
3. Industrial Move: Moving the industrial equipment to a new place.

Different types of services offered by moving companies:

1. Professional Moving Services

When you hire a moving company the most important service provided by them is the packing and transportation. The reliable movers can make your moving experience a smooth one.
It also includes assembly and disassembly of bulky items such as the refrigerator, beds, and other things. Professional movers will take the stress and hassle out of the move.

2. Professional Packing Services

The most important thing a moving company can provide you is the professional packing services. The better the packing material, the safer are your items while you are on a move. The sturdy packing will make you less worried about the breakage. This will also make use of less labor.

3. Boxes and Packing Supplies

Some moving companies also provide the services of boxes and the packing supplies. Purchase, if you

want to go with a do-it-yourself approach to pack your own items. The packing supplies include the cushioning materials, the foam pouches, the packing paper, and, much more.

Pack your stuff with correct packing supplies so as to protect it. Keep these in mind:

• Place the LED TVs in hard boxes which are made to safeguard them.
• Use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes.
• Mirror boxes to pack your mirrors and move them safely.
• The film wrap, foam pouches, bubble wraps tapes, re-sealable plastic bags, labeling supplies, to wrap your belongings and label them.

Furniture wrapping service is one of the services that most movers offer to protect your items knowing that how important they are to you.

4. Piano Moving Services

Some moving companies also offer piano moving services. Hiring professionals to move the pianos is a preferred choice as it is a delicate and fragile item that needs extra care while moving.

Moving is a cumbersome task but with all the services offered by a single moving company, it can be transformed into a seamless, stress-free experience.

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