Requirements – There is quite an investment also required to run a detective agency as it mostly requires a variety of instruments and latest gadgets. Also the informant has to paid handsomely. Mostly trust is a major factor in this profession . Risk taking is another quality which the detectives in these agencies require. Some cases might require a lot of traveling to different places connected with the case to investigate.

Noida – In Noida, too, there has been  a rise in the detective agencies over the past decade. Previously, where there were a handful of them, now, there are plenty of options to choose from. Not that each one of them will share the same demand and reputation. One needs to be very careful in handling one’s case to any detective agency as  discretion and confidentially is very important and also one needs to be sure that the results obtained will be 100% true.

Reasons to hire detectives – People go to the private detective agencies for quite a few reasons, largely for individual investigation of people such in the case of matrimonial alliances. The parents of either the groom and bride do wish to be sure that they are putting their child in safe hands and in a proper environment. Also, NRI marriages involve a lot of private investigation according to certain reports.  Also people now want answers and willingly hire private detective services. There is no qualms attached now adays.

Types of cases – Apart from this, assest valuation, property fraud, pre employement checks, certain security details, fetching some data etc are also types of works that private detectives are handed over.

Fees – Some agencies take around 20-25% of their fees in advance while the rest has to paid by the client after successful completion of the case.  A lot of pre work is done usually before the start of any case. The detectives will have a lot of questions and cross questions from the client in order to understand the case well before proceeding with the given case either individually or with a team.

Type of people involved – Fully run female detective agencies have risen in India including cities like Noida. The reason could be girls are more comfortable opting for such a profession now. Previously,  being a detective use to consider to be a professional option for a male. Ladies stayed out of it but now times have changes. There are some well reputed lady detective in India.

Association – Association of Private Detectives and Investigators is a national organization where a private detective or a private detective agency can get themselves registered. This association is recognized by the government of India too.

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