Critical Responses of FitnessAdvisor101 on ProForm Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Among many other popular names in the fitness equipment industry, ProForm can be considered a top popular brand. For this, FitnessAdvisor101, a site dedicated to making in-depth reviews on fitness equipment, has long put the company on its intense watch for a long time.


Recently, it has released an article detailing the highlight, as well as the downfall of 3 recumbent exercise bikes that it deemed worthy of writing. The site decides to focus on the 3 models by matching them up with 3 factors: Affordability, functionality, and durability. And it seems like they have found exactly what they were trying to look for.


The names of the machines on the list include ProForm Hybrid Trainer, 315 CSX, and Dual Trainer Bike / Rower.


The machines themselves received a very high score from the site, all with the rating ranging from an above average 4 to 4.4 out of 5 stars. And they have a lot of reasons that they have written to justify for the grade they have given the trio, to quote a few:


“…a great option for a super-low price. It means a steal of a price in comparison with most elliptical and bikes in the marketplace.” – ProForm Hybrid Trainer.


“…an economic and efficient way in losing weight and burning fat. That’s why this tool becomes so popular.” – ProForm Dual Trainer Bike / Rower.


“…built for comfort and designed to keep you coming back for more, a helpful boost on the road to optimal fitness.” – ProForm 315 CSX.


The article is successful in giving readers on the much-needed dose of information about the three machines, besides that, they also try to double-task the article into a buying guide. By adding separate pros and cons section (What We Like – What We Don’t Like), they have managed to give the users a broader sense of what they would be getting if they decided to put money into any of the machines.


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