Consult a gynecologist for various female diseases and disorders including PCOD treatment

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A woman has to face several physical, hormonal, emotional and psychological issues in their life. It is the gynecologist who can understand, diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment to cure a variety of women issues. Apart from this, pregnancy, childbirth and infertility are some of the major problems that are needed to be addressed at the right time to prevent more complications. Many women fail to find the best solution of their problems such as hormonal imbalance, irregular period, painful period, pain during sex, pregnancy issue, infertility and many more like that. The gynecologist in North Delhi is the best person to consult and discuss all kinds of women issues and find the right solution.

Why should you consult a gynecologist?

A gynecologist is specifically specialized and expert in diagnosing and treating female-centric diseases and disorders. You may also consult her to find an effective PCOD treatment in North Delhi. Since most of the gynecologists are female, it is also easy for the women to discuss the issues that may also be related to their reproductive organs or system. Moreover, being a woman the doctor also can understand her patient’s healthcare problem that is physically or emotionally creating a disturbance or causing disease. She can understand your state of mind exactly the way you want to express her.

Consult a gynecologist for PCOD treatment

PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease) is quite a common problem that a woman may have to face. It is the condition that occurs due to a significant imbalance in their hormone level. The woman starts producing male hormone in more than the usual amount. As a result, it affects the reproductive organ that emanates estrogen and progesterone. It also affects the ovaries. The production of male hormone not only affects the menstrual cycle and causes it to skip, but it may also affect the pregnancy or ability to conceive easily. Some symptoms that may arise due to PCOD include:

• Hair fall or baldness in women
• Hair growth on the body or face
• Obesity, heart diseases and diabetes


A particular or specific reason for PCOD is yet not known. Though the gynecologist in North Delhi opines that it may involve the combination of both genetic and environmental factors. The presence of a high level of male hormone can disrupt ovaries’ ability to produce eggs normally. The doctor assesses or diagnoses the condition before explaining any specific reason.

PCOD treatment

A gynecologist can help you to counter the PCOD problem. The treatment immensely depends on the symptom of the patient. It also focuses on managing the symptoms that may affect infertility, obesity, acne and hirsutism. The doctor for PCOD treatment for North Delhi includes both medication and lifestyle changes.

The lifestyle changes recommendation may comprise taking a balanced and low-calorie diet that helps to reduce or manage weight. The patient will also be recommended to follow a moderate workout regime.

The gynecologist can prescribe medication to regulate the menstrual cycle. It may include birth pills, progestin therapy, medicine to reduce hair on body and face.

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