Confused Between ACT and SAT? Here is the Difference.

Confused Between ACT and SAT? Here is the Difference.

Today is the world of competition where you have to be prepared for every opportunity and turn it into goal whenever it is available. If you are looking for preparing yourself for exams, then it becomes necessary to check your strength. Not every student is good at every subject as one may be good in Mathematics while the other shows interest in science. The subject in which you or your ward is showing good interest can be judged with the help of a simple SAT and ACT test. You can prepare your SAT test with Phoenix Sat Prep and earn the highest possible score.

This will be like a diagnostic test which will help in determining where your natural strengths lie, and it provides valuable information about your natural abilities which will save your time and money and focus yourself on your goal keeping your natural strengths in mind. Besides both tests cover much of the same content, most of the students score fairly similarly on both exams. However, there are some important and significant differences which you should take care of before deciding between tests. These differences are:

The ACT provides less time: The ACT test offers less time. This is evident from the fact that reading and science sections are particularly time-constrained for most of the students. Especially, when you consider reading the section, you have to answer 40 questions while you have 35 minutes to read four passages and this is less than a minute per question, and moreover, it does not include reading the passage. On the other hand, if you go for the SAT test, you will not have to be worried about the time as you have plenty of time to answer your questions.

ACT test science while SAT not: The ACT test will test your scientific reasoning and skills. This is done with the help of passages and experiments in which you are provided with various passages which you read to give answers. This test will not require outside scientific knowledge. While the SAT test will not have any science test and you have to prepare yourself for such a test.

Different essays: The ACT test will ask students to have their argument on a certain topic, but SAT test students are told to analyze a given topic. Both the tests contain essays which are optional and are not mandatory to answer. Both tests have a different way to take an essay test and can be an option for the students to choose according to individual convenience.

Some new SAT math test doesn’t allow calculators: The entire ACT math test allows students to use the calculator while the SAT math test is different from ACT in this format. It has two math sections and it does not allow its students to use the calculator in some cases and students have to use their ability to simplify, manipulate power and do basic math in their head.

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