CBSE Boards Science Books

CBSE Boards Science Books

CBSE Boards Science Books


Where to get CBSE Boards Science Books online

CBSE Boards Science Books : Board examination, conducted by CBSE is held every year for students of classes 10 and 12 across the country. The syllabus for these exams is broadly based on the NCERT subject textbooks for these classes. CBSE Boards Science Books help in exam scores well to play an important role in admission to colleges for class 12 students, and are the primary determinant for admission for students who want to move to a better after completing their class 10. They are often used in rankings of schools.

In Class 10, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, CBSE Boards Science Books are tested in a single Science Paper – which comprises of a 70-marks theory exam and a 30-marks practical exam. Since, many students in class 9 & 10 are also looking forward to preparing for the JEE and NEET exams, developing a strong foundation in Science concepts is crucial. The Foundation Study Material by Plancess for class 9 & 10 students is a comprehensive study package that prepares the student to score well on the CBSE Boards exam, as well as, become familiar with topics tested in the Engineering/ medical entrance exams. For Class 9 & 10 Science, the following books are available –

  • Plancess Foundation Course Biology for Class 9 & 10, Vol I – II
  • Plancess Foundation Course Physics for Class 9 & 10, Vol I – II
  • Plancess Foundation Course Chemistry for Class 9 & 10, Vol I – II
  • Plancess Foundation Course Science Projects for Class 9 & 10, Vol

CBSE Boards Science Books

In Class 11 & 12, a choice is made between PCM (Physics + Chemistry + Mathematics) to enter the engineering stream and PCB (Physics + Chemistry + Biology) to enter the medical stream, though students often take Maths & Biology together. NCERTs are the first resource one must use to score well on the CBSE Boards exam. The preparation can be enhance using –

  • Fundamentals of Physics By Resnick/ Halliday/ Walker, for Class 12 – this is an adaptation of the globally renowned book ‘Fundamentals of Physics, by Resnick, Halliday and Walker’. It covers in a comprehensive, easy to understand format all topics of the NCERT books, with plenty of solved examples and objective- and subjective-type questions
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry by JD Lee, Solomon, Fryhle, Snyder, for Class 12 – this is the best resource one can use to learn chemistry concepts as it has been adapted from the books JD Lee’s Inorganic Chemistry and Solomon, Fryhle and Snyder’s Organic chemistry – two chemistry texts that have sold millions of copies worldwide.
  • Fundamentals of Biology, Class 12 – comes in a systematic notes-like format, with a separate practice book, containing objective and subjective questions both.
  • Plancess Study Material Mathematics for JEE, Class 12

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