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Castor Oil is a natural oil obtained from the seed of the Ricinus Communis, or castor plant. The oil obtained from the seeds of this plant is a very useful raw material in many industries like soap, surface coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, greases and lubricants etc. Also the oil is used in a large number of medicines. That is why the seeds and oil of this plant make very important and valuable commodities that are traded in the market. The primary sources of the castor bean are India, Brazil and China. Scientific and historical records reveal that the chemical nature and composition are remarkably uniform regardless of origin.


There are two main technical grades of Castor Oil:


Pale pressed, which is obtained from the first pressing of the castor bean. Pale Pressed Castor Oil it is light in color and low in acidity. Pale Pressed Castor Oil is used in industrial products that require oil with lighter color and/or lower acidity. With proper certification, the pale oil may also be acceptable for medicinal, pharmaceutical or cosmetic use. Searching Manufacturer, Supplier of Castor Oil, Refined castor oil in India ? Contact Shivam Agro today, Leading Castor oil manufacturer, Castor oil supplier, Castor oil supplier india, Castor oil manufacturer india.


Industrial Castor Oil, which is obtained from a mixture of the first pressing and the second phase of production, solvent extraction. Further neutralizing by either steam stripping or treating with caustic soda and washing produces Neutralized Castor Oil. Urethane and adhesive formulas may incorporate the use Low Moisture Castor Oil or Neutralized Castor Oil. When Industrial Castor Oil is dried to a maximum moisture content of 0.03%, it remains a lubricant, but is known as dried or Low Moisture Castor Oil.


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Castor Oil, Castor oil manufacturer, Castor oil manufacturer india

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