Can Wearable Electronic Devices be Luxury Items?

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Wearable electronics devices can also be luxuries. Is it really so fashionable to wear luxury sports watches from a well-known fashion brand?

I was surprised by the flexibility in terms of design, which can turn a regular fitness tracker into a fashionable decoration that is suitable not only for a noisy night club party, but also for a wedding. It is made in the form of a bracelet with a beautiful and elegant pendant.

Besides the fact that it looks like a regular piece of jewelry, it is still a fitness tracker that allows you to track the number of steps taken or calories worked out by you in the gym, as well as the average duration of your activity per day and time of inactivity. It can also automatically track any sporting activity, such as running, aerobic training, and more.

In addition, Fitbit Flex 2 works without recharging for up to 5 days, and is also suitable for lovers of swimming in the pool, which at a reasonable price is a real find.

Garmin Fenix ​​chronos is made from materials used to manufacture premium jewelry.

This is a combination of elegant style and high quality workmanship. This is the first watch from Garmin, combining a solid metal case with innovative technology in the field of fitness.

Garmin News

Garmin’s first Fenix ​​Chronos watch review: Fenix ​​3 gets a new luxury look

Fenix ​​Chronos is available in 3 versions: a steel case with a vintage leather strap, a steel case with a stainless steel strap and a titanium case with a titanium strap. Equipped with a heart rate monitor and in addition to counting steps and monitoring sleep, the watch uses heart rate data to control calories and quantify the intensity of your activity.

Naturally, cats will be applied to them. In August, the Kate Spade brand announced the release of the first line of wearable electronics devices with a favorite motive. The designer, together with the Fossil Group, will release 3 items: jewelry inspired by a fitness bracelet, smart watches and a fitness tracker with a silicone strap.

According to rough estimates by bloggers, a smart watch or fitness tracker will cost an average of 8 to 16 thousand rubles. It is assumed that these devices will traditionally monitor the level of user activity and control the quality of sleep. In addition, music lovers will like the convenient music control function.

A smart watch from a famous designer will become a luxury item thanks to inserts of black and pink gold. A bracelet will decorate a scattering of pearls and mother of pearl.

Michael Kors also did not miss his opportunity to collaborate with the famous brand of wearable electronics Fossil. At the beginning of 2016, an amazing smart watch from Michael Kors on Android Wear was presented at the Baselworld exhibition.

Including their female variation.

Tony Burch has a long-standing partnership with Fitbit, Ralph Lauren with OMSignal, and Swarovski with Misfit.

It seems that wearable electronics will soon become an integral part of our lives. And given the pace of life of a modern person, it is not surprising that designers around the world decided to master the niche of the wearable technology market. The idea is not new, however, everyone seeks to complement it with new touches.

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