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The carbonated soft drink market in Nigeria no doubts commands a unique hold in the food and beverage sector in the Nigerian economy. Despite the huge popularity of the juice and still drink market, the unique tasting appeals of carbonated soft drinks and its many array of flavors have always been a strength other drinks cannot equal.


According to research, it is estimated that there are over 35 million daily drinkers of carbonated soft drinks in Nigeria representing about 19.2% of the country’s growing population. The Nigeria carbonated drink market is estimated at $4.8 billion per year in average consumption pattern.


The Nigeria carbonated soft drink market since inception has been massively dominated by the international beverage giants whose brands have become a household name to consumers of all ages. Both the 7up and Coca-Cola brands have controlled the Nigerian carbonated soft drink market for several decades. Making them a an hegemonic force in the carbonated soft drink business, or should I say the food and beverage subsector of the countries economy.


In 2001, something significant happened, guess what? A new brand was launched. Something significant but revolutionary to the nearly monopolistic carbonated soft drink market in Nigeria, the Lacasera brand was launched with a relishing content and unique packaging that makes carbonated soft drink more enticing and accessible. The clear essence of quenching one’s thirst on- the -go became much easier and better. As the Lacasera apple and other Lacasera brand perfectly complements the hustle and bustle lifestyle in Lagos – all you could ever think of when stuck in Lagos Traffic or elsewhere is a bottle of chilled Lacasera apple drink- you just wouldn’t want anything more.


The Lacasera company has been at fore of carbonated soft drinks business in Nigeria , as the company keeps differentiating with a new range of carbonated soft drink products that offer extraordinary and delightful experience to consumers . One thing that keeps the company in the heart of its growing consumers is the brand essence; which is to inspire a feeling of love. The question is do you share the love with others? Do you share a gift of an iced Lacasera apple drink with friends and family?


If not, why not get started with Lacasera apple drink, Smoov Chapman, Nirvana Tonic Water, Nirvana Cream Soda to Bold Bitter Lemon. All better served cold!


It’s more than carbonated soft drink, it’s about love! It’s about you! Now spread the love! As for me , I am loving this drink!


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