How to Buy the Right Golf Cart for players in Florida

How to Buy the Right Golf Cart for players in Florida

Golf carts are emerging as a popular mode of conveyance in Florida. The increasing number of settlements in Florida, making it the third largest densely populated region in the U.S is responsible for the non-conventional use of golf carts as a vehicular mode, whose original purpose was to commute within a golf course while playing the golf.

Well, in this post, we will be sticking to its conventional/traditional usage and offer you the insightful pointers on how to buy a golf cart for the players. Bringing the analysis of certain factors downright the article, you then just need to visit a place offering Golf cart for sale in Florida and you are good to go!

Gas Golf Cart v/s Electric Golf Cart

To Begin with, it is important to gain some basic knowledge about the golf carts to make an informed decision on buying it for a certain purpose. The golf carts are available in two variants i.e. gas and electric. The gas golf cart is essentially a fuel-based golf cart which consumes the gas supplies to function. On the contrary, the electric golf cart, as the name suggests is the battery powered golf cart which requires the battery charge.

The gas golf car comes with a robust engine and is adept to carry heavy loads. It is engineered to move long distances with a high speed and can easily be bought to certain customisations according to the preferences and desires. The down points for gas golf carts are its emissions, smell and noise. The gas golf cart demands for high maintenance and is a pricey/costly alternative in comparison to its other variant.

The battery-operated golf carts come with a smooth transition. The electric golf cart is prompt to start and turn off. Unlike a gas golf cart, the battery-operated golf cart does not make noise and is a complete eco-friendly option. The electric golf carts are comparatively reasonable in terms of price and calls for minimal maintenance. The only turndown for the electric golf carts is the long-time needed to restore its battery charge.

Rules and Eligibility in Florida

A notable factor to be taken into the consideration is the prohibition of LSV’s (low-speed vehicles) on the roads of Florida (exceeding 35 miles per hour). The official definition of LSV’s is the four-wheel variant that runs between the speed of 20 to 25 kph and weighs up to 3000 pounds.

The LSV’s below the certain limit (35 miles per hour) attract a separate set of rules inclusive of registration, licencing, insurance, medical cover and so on just like any other vehicle to get a legal permission from the authorities for getting on the road. Otherwise, the general rule for golf carts in Florida states its usage from dawn to dusk, making it immune from the regular formalities to be undertaken.


The best pick for the players would be the cart requiring least maintenance which is also available at an affordable price. Since its usage is restricted to the purpose of playing, the extended use of its ability to move at a faster pace and the competence to carry loads will not be a significant/relevant factor from a player’s perspective. The clear answer popping out of the given choices is the electric golf cart. The eco-friendly trait of an electric golf cart is not less than a cherry on the top.



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