Business Travel Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Business Travel Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Planning your trip beforehand

The busy entrepreneur requires proper planning of his/her trips to make sure that other business matters would not be hindered just because of one business trip. Yes, there is no perfect plan when it comes to business travelling, but with a proper plan, the chances of encountering bad situations decreases. The plan is as important as closing the deal itself. Make sure to take care of these before boarding on the plane.

  • Have an itinerary to keep track of your time– For a sharp entrepreneur with a busy schedule, time is a resource that is non-renewable. Time can be a liability if not balanced because this will leave pressure to the mind of the entrepreneur. The key to having a balanced time on a business trip is a detailed itinerary and schedule. The itinerary should include the destinations you would go to, the people you will negotiate with, and even small details like eating, sleeping, and packing up to leave should be included. When writing an itinerary, also include your leisure time where you enjoy because you deserve it.
  • Booking a flight-When booking a flight, you can either book one via a travelling agency, the company you work in will provide for you, or even book a flight online. Ticket prices are not the same, so if you think of saving more money, book flights eight to ten days before the departure. If booking online, delete your search history and cookies. Travel websites usually increase their prices based on your searches and cookies. Another travel hack you can use is knowing when to book a flight. According to Grainne Kelly, founder, BubbleBum, the best time and day to book a flight is Tuesday at lunchtime and the best days to travel is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
  • Invest in travel insurance– Just like what we have said earlier, we could not know what might happen and being prepared for emergency situations is a must. If you always travel to different destinations in and out of the country, it is a necessity to have travel insurance to get you covered from medical expenses, cancellation of flights, and delayed or lost luggage.
  • Bring enough business cards-You would never know whom you might do a deal with during your travel. Establishing your brand and letting people know who you are and your contact details are crucially important on the business trip. Make a hundred copies of your business card and keep them with you on your destination. You can put them on plastic boxes used for playing cards to have double their protection.

During the trip

  • Booking a hotel– In booking a hotel, choose one that is near to the destination to have no hassle of travelling. If you are about to go to the same place more often, have a go-to hotel where you can stay every time. Having a go-to hotel reduces your stress levels because you no longer have to adjust yourself on what you are going to have. Another reason for you to stay loyal at one hotel is the perks of having discounts. Because of your loyalty, you might have the chance to negotiate for discounts. Some hotels even give better booking deals to loyal customers.
  • Connect with other locals and companies– Who says deals are limited to the ones you are about to go to during the travel? They can also be done to small businesses or even the residents of the place. It, of course, depends on the product or service you offer. Another reason to get along with the residents of the area is to know their culture. This will benefit you in the long run because if you ever go to the same place again, you now have people to go to.
  • Relax not because you want to, but because you need to– You will face other entrepreneurs as you go to the business trip. Nothing more will establish your brand than you yourself, so you need to take care of it the most.

Make sure that you have proper rest because it will show if you haven’t had enough. To ensure such, you should consider booking a luxury chauffeur for hire so that you can immediately have your rest in the vehicle right after you arrive at the destination airport.

Stress causes your brain to get confused and lose focus, so eat right, sleep on time, and just enjoy.

The most important part of business travel is to enjoy it. Meet with others, go to their tourist destinations, and never forget that you can also enjoy the best things in life. As an entrepreneur, you should always have fun at what you do in order to make sales.

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