Building a rental sharing platform is easy with Airbnb clone script

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The sharing concept is as old as human civilizations- even without a smartphone. But in the present world, the number of opportunities to share has been dramatically changed. One of the modernistic ways is the rental sharing platform. 

The rental sharing platform is one of the most advanced trends in current circumstances. Many business entities are looking forward to starting their own rental sharing platform. 

Are you planning to start your own rental sharing platform? Then start your rental sharing platform with the best Airbnb clone named RentALL

Why Airbnb clone in specific?

Airbnb clone is a comprehensive solution that aims to connect host and guest worldwide. It is perfectly fit and a one-stop solution for rental sharing platforms like equipment sharing, car sharing, bike sharing, boat sharing, etc. It also facilitates your business ideas with a surplus of features and best working functionalities to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the customers. 

Let’s see some other specific reason to choose Airbnb clone,

  • 100%source code
  • Scalability 
  • Built with modern technologies
  • Better user experience
  • One time payment
  • Bug support 

What makes it easy?

This Airbnb clone script is packed with some easy features. Have a look at some of the advanced features that are loaded with this script,

Easy account creation

This feature has made the account creation easy by using email registration or by social media signups like facebook and google. 

Providing source code

Providing a 100% source code for ios and android that gives you full freedom to customize both ios and android based on requirements. 

Seasonal pricing setup

This feature makes it easy to set special price rates. All you need to do is,

  • Select the days in the calendar.
  • Enter the new price rate in the text box.

It also helps to modify the price according to the season to provide better offers to the users.

Option to choose any currency, language at anytime

User has the option to choose any currency, any language according to their needs and location at any time which makes it easy. 

Stripe connect integrations

In every business, receiving and sending payment is a perceptive part and stripe keeps that simple and easy. It empowers the entrepreneurs to handle the payment in an efficient manner. RentALL supports some of the other major payment gateways also.

Highlights of Airbnb clone script

Knowing how to make a successful rental sharing platform is the most important key. Airbnb clone script is making this very clear. It is quick, cost-effective and designed to efficiently replicate their functions. The immense scope for customization makes them an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and it is also implemented with many highlights.

Some of the highlights are,

  • Well packed modules 
  • Customizable 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Compatible  
  • User-friendly 
  • Affordable 

By seeing the above benefits and highlights, you got some idea to build a rental sharing platform in a reliable and easy way. For a better experience,  approach the best Airbnb clone script, which is adaptable to all your rental business ideas and flourishes the business.


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