Brioche Dorée For A Sugar Induced Coma

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I work as a writer near Connaught place and it one of the tedious jobs which drain you completely by the end of the day. After 10 hours of work the only thing that keeps me from becoming a zombie is something sweet. I always go on these food-ventures to find places that offer specific sweet delights. Working near hub spots like CP comes with this luxury that I can have plenty of options to satisfy my sweet tooth. It was on one of these times after work I came across the Parisian French bakery & cafe, Brioche Dorée. I knew that it is a celebrated bakery based in France but I didn’t know they had opened their stores in India. I knew right away that here was my adventure for the day. I went in craving all the sugary goodness and came out a fan of the bakery shop in connaught place.

Here is my experience at Brioche Dorée for those searching for the best bakery shop in CP.

The first thing I begin with whenever I go out to eat is a thick shake. I began here similarly and searched on the menu for the most interesting name. I ordered myself a ‘Marsh Bubblegum shake’. My theory is that if their most odd names shake tastes good, then it’s a place to visit again. The shake was an experience with the sweet taste of bubblegum syrup and a milder taste of strawberry kept me sipping.

After finishing half of my bubblegum shake I googled about the bakery to catch some customer reviews. A reviewer had called it the best cake shop in connaught place he had been to. I immediately turned the pages of the menu and went to the dessert section. Quiet interesting names greeted me in options, Rainbow Rumble, Caramel Romance, Sinful Truffle, Chocolate Opera and more.

But before I could try cakes from the French bakery, I needed something salty or spicy to change the taste before I munched on their sweetness. I ordered myself Indo Western Salad. I did not know what to expect but since it mentioned that it is a ‘high protein Indo western mixture of grains’ I decided to take a chance. It did not disappoint me and I am rarely sold on salads. It was juicy, well balanced and light on the stomach.

Finally, I was ready to choose a cake for my day. I chose the velvety delight of the Chocolate Opera cake and alongside it a cup of Vanilla tea. I let each bite melt on my tongue before I washed it down with the vanilla tea. After I finished my cake, I wasn’t anymore trying to judge, I was sold. It is indeed the best cake shop in CP.

In the conclusion to the review of my first visit to Brioche Dorée, it is where you get your sugar induced coma right. The staff members were very polite and spoke in a warm tone while taking my order. Everything was quick and no one was staring at me while I took my time to enjoy the treat. Above all the place is pocket-friendly and has already made it to top of my list for the best cheap cafe in CP. And to be able to enjoy the cuisine of the country where food is part of the national heritage in affordable rates is too good a deal to pass. So if you are looking around for a bakery shop at CP, here is where you may find your go-to spot. I plan on giving this place quite a number of visits for a food-venture.

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