Brag Your Mexican Auto Insurance Today For a Safe Holiday

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Mexico is a great place to spend the holiday season. Between the fireworks, the tamales and the way everyone opens their arms and welcomes you (metaphorically speaking), a unique experience awaits you in life! However, before heading south of the border, make sure you have the documents in order, including your Mexican auto insurance!

Mexican auto insurance, you say? Most people do not realize it, but American auto insurance does not do much good once you’re outside the United States. If you live in Texas, Arizona, California or New Mexico, your insurance company could have made a deal with certain border cities to make life easier for passengers who work in Mexico and the United States, but most of the Mexican repair workshops of cars won. t accept American insurance.

Why? They have their reasons. It does not matter what those reasons are. The long and the minimum is that you have to go and pick up a Mexican auto insurance policy.

Preferably before going

According to Mexican law, American tourists (or any other type of tourist) who come to Mexico during the holiday season must have what is known as an auto insurance policy for vacations. If you are not familiar with the term, vacation insurance is insurance issued by a Mexican insurance company for the duration of your vacation. These policies generally come in daily, weekly or monthly increments of up to 6 months. If you are spending time in Mexico until May or June, you will have to buy a regular insurance policy. If not, however, vacation policy is exactly what you need.

You have two options when it comes to buying Mexican auto insurance online:

1) You can manage your US across the border, then stop and buy coverage from Mexican auto insurance companies in the border city. There are hundreds of these small offices that exist almost exclusively to cater to tourists and make buying the cover a piece of cake.

Of course, when you buy coverage after you arrive at the border, drive by faith until you get where you are going. That’s why most insurance companies recommend that …

2) Buy an insurance policy before going. You can arrange to buy a Mexican auto insurance policy months before your vacation by working with your insurance company to contact one of three or four companies in states that specialize in providing coverage on both sides of the border. BestMex and Baja Bound will put you in contact with companies like ACE Seguros to keep it as safe as possible when traveling across the border.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness, and not miserably through a bureaucracy because he was caught driving without car insurance on his Mexican vacation. Save yourself (and everyone else) a lot of trouble and get your policy before putting the key in the contact.

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