Boutique clothing display racks by BOLUN, turned out as a massive hit.

You are currently viewing Boutique clothing display racks by BOLUN, turned out as a massive hit.

BOLUN, a prestigious name in clothing display furniture has introduced its latest collection of boutique clothing display racks. It is turning out as the number one choice of well-known and popular boutique outlets. This new collection of items from BOLUN has to get fabulous appreciation and very positive reviews from their clients and these racks are becoming essential clothing display furniture for most of the famous clothing brands. Boutique owners are ranking the quality and designing of display racks as outstanding and giving five-star reviews.

BOLUN, is dealing in clothing display racks since 2004 and with every passing year, they have proven that ‘’Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent efforts.’’ BOLUN has not improved the product quality but introduces stylish, elegant, and space-saving rack designs that are not only proof of their skills but simply adding four moons in the beauty of designer clothes. These racks are admirable in every way, whether it is their weight capacity, construction, number of hanging rods, or cost.

From Champ series to Platinum series and from Twilight, Star Walker, and Ancientry series to Dusk Wind and Golden Faith series, BOLUN offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition to their products for boutiques, they are offering a complimentary free 3D design for the whole store. They have a range of clothing display racks from single rail clothing rack to wall-mounted and ceilings and this amazing variety of clothing display racks make them odd out of all evens.

They have won the hearts of their customers with superior quality material, perfect designing, and competitive price and that is why their every new product becomes a necessary requirement of every reputed boutique and takes no time to become popular in the fashion industry.

The aim of BOLUN Clothing Display Furniture Co., Ltd is; keep working, non-stop, move further. BOLUN is a company with 186 workers, 82 pieces of machines, 3 large warehouses, 18 experienced designers, and it is cooperating with 3000 stores all over the world. Its production certifications meet ISO14001 standards and ISO9001 certified also. BOLUN is leading the fashion trends of clothing display furniture in China. For, further information about BOLUN Clothing Display Furniture Co., Ltd visit its website at

BOLUN Clothing Display Furniture Co

No. 15, Nianfeng Avenue Middle Road,

 Leping Town, Foshan City

+86 15602389493

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