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Many colleges settle on admission choices to some extent in light of the results of standardized tests. Juniors and seniors in secondary school as a rule step through these tests to show their preparation for college level work.  Dependent upon where you have to apply, your SAT score can represent as much as half of the admission choice, so a strong standardized test score is important. Colleges enable students to submit only their highest score, so students ought not to stress if their score drops when they retake the test. SAT Prep in Denver is planned from the bottom up to be interesting.

The SAT is as of now conducted multiple times every year: March, May, June, August, October, November, and December. In case you are considering when to take the SAT, the August, October, May, and June dates are the most well known — various students take the exam once in the spring of junior year, and after that again in the month of August or October of senior year. For seniors, the October date is frequently the last exam that will be recognized for early choice and early action applications.

The SAT exam duration is 3 hours without the optional essay part. There are 154 questions, so you will have 1 minute and 10 seconds for each question. With the essay writing part, the SAT takes 3 hours and 50 minutes. The current SAT covers three required areas and the optional essay:

  • Reading: Test-takers answer questions regarding passages they read. This section contains multiple choice questions which are based on the passages. A few questions will similarly get some information about tables, graphs, and charts, yet no math is required to answer the questions. Total time for this section: 65 minutes.
  • Writing and Language: Test-takers read passages and afterward are mentioned to distinguish and settle mistakes and weaknesses in the dialect. Add up to time for this section: 35 minutes.
  • Mathematics: Candidates answer questions related to the types of math you’re probably going to experience in school and your own life. Topics include algebra, data analysis, working with complex equations, and a few basics of trigonometry and geometry. A few questions allow the utilization of a calculator; some don’t. Total time for this section: 80 minutes.

Optional essay part includes a passage for reading and after that you have to make an argument based on that passage. You’ll need to support your argument with evidence from the passage. Total time duration for optional essay writing part is: 50 minutes.

So, know your weaknesses and prepare accordingly with comprehensive SAT Prep in Denver.

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