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In today’s world of fashion and beauty, everyone desires to appear charming, lovely and obviously extraordinary among others. For this, the utilization of skincare products is rapidly expanding especially in Indian subcontinent. Obviously, a large portion of the population wanders for the best brands with best quality skincare products in India. Meanwhile, it’s bit complex to pick the best ones amid thousands of skincare brands in India who claims themselves- “The Best”. That is the reason, many people get their skin harsh and nasty with the low-quality beauty products.

But today in this article, you’ll get to know about the best 10 skincare brands in India. We have sincerely prepared this list on the basis of product results, prestige and trust shown by the consumers. We don’t promote or demote any skincare brand intentionally in this article. However the consumers can read and choose the brand as per their convenience. Take a look at the best 10 skincare brands of India:

L’Oréal is one of India’s leading brands in the cosmetics section. It is the synonym for innovation and beauty. Starting from low to high price range, all the products are of supreme and professional quality. L’Oréal offers a wide range of products for skin, hair, and other beauty products for every skin and hair type. 

  • Nykaa

Established in 2012, Nykaa has quickly become one of India’s largest beauty destinations. Millions of Nykaa’s happy customers can be found throughout the nation. Nykaa offers a complete range of makeup products, skincare, personal care, fragrances, hair care products, luxury and wellness products for both men and women. 

  • The Body shop

Started from UK, The Body Shop is a worldwide producer and retailer of naturally inspired, ethically manufactured cosmetics and beauty products. This skincare brand has established a good reputation in the Indian market on account of its supreme quality cosmetic products. They also provide hair care products that are free from sulfates, parabens, and silicone substances. Amid their high product range, body butters are popular in the market. 

In a couple of years, Life Aveda earned an immense reputation and place in the list of top 10 skincare brands of India as a consequence of the highly positive results of their products. Highlighting a holistic approach to products, each product contains a combination of extracts of different herbs to heal, protect and enhance skin and hair health. Not just for skincare but you can also use their herbal products for the treatment of skin-related disorders such as acne, pimples, wrinkles, etc, and also the aging effects.

  • Lakme

Lakme is a renowned Indian cosmetic brand, owned by Unilever. This company offers numerous makeup products and skincare, haircare, including lipsticks, eye shadow quads, moisturizers, liners, and sunscreen creams at very affordable prices. We often see Lakme’s products at nearby places.

  • Nivea

Nivea, one of the reputed and leading companies in skincare. Products of Nivea are known for their nourishing, cleansing, and protecting effects on the skin. They have an entire range of cold creams, daily creams, and moisturizers. Both women and men can use these products for skincare and improving beauty. 

Among the top ten skincare brands in India, Lotus Herbals holds the seventh position. The entire product range of Lotus Herbals is formulated with herbal ingredients rather than synthetic, chemical-based, and cruel animal-tested cosmetics. Ranging from skincare to haircare products and makeup, Lotus herbals delivers and promises products at genuine prices.

  • Avon

Avon offers a complete range of skincare for young, and mature women. Lipsticks, eye shadows, fragrances, nail polishes, and many other cosmetic products are offered by this company. Not merely for the females, Avon also provide products suitable for males. 

  • ProActiv

Proactiv is a well-known cosmetic company for the treatment of acne. Over 2 million consumers successfully treated their acne problem. Besides this, Proactive provides various products such as moisturizers, repair treatments, toners, cleansers, and masks to fight acne and enhancing beauty. If you need a solution for acne and acne-related issues, then it’s recommended to use their products.

  • Bath and Body works

Bath and Body works is the last but not least in the list of top ten skincare brands in India. Lipstick, fragrances, moisturizer, bath and shower products, hand soaps, sanitizers, face wash, and a more variety of cosmetic products. Their product results are impressive and currently, they have more than 1 million users in India. 


If you’re seeking for purchasing beauty products, the above-given list will assist you in choosing the best products. All the mentioned skincare brands consist of pure and supreme quality cosmetic products and remedies. The one we recommend you to choose is “Life Aveda”. This company holds no.4 position in the Indian skincare industry within a few years. All the products of Life Aveda are 100% natural and give accurate results when consumed.

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