Best CBSE School In Gujarat

Best CBSE School In Gujarat
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The CBSE School established in Shastri Shri Ghanshyamprakashdasji Swami in 2008 with the aim to create a moral, ethical and serene society.
CBSE School In Gujarat SSP International School. SSP International School has KG, primary, secondary and higher secondary CBSE division. SSPIS has a stream of both commerce and science in the senior secondary section. The aim of the school is in the transformation of students in the catalyst for the ethical, social, spiritual and intellectual change of society, which is influenced by the spirit of selfless service for humanity.

Our goal is “to unite our resources, systems and industries in an enterprise that is dominant in nature and creates a position to win all our stakeholders, teachers, students, parents, management and service providers and for” development “. And the changing times and Keeping in mind the needs of our peers, educational and administrative tactics will be implemented. ”
SSPIS has both commerce and science trends in senior secondary departments. SSPIS has 60 highly qualified faculty members. In the primary section SSPIS has 160 students having 4 classes. SSPIS in secondary section There are 200 students who have 4 to 5 classes affiliated with CBSE Board. According to the CBSE guidelines, the CCE pattern of education ranges from 1 to XII, which gives a complete professional approach to education, equally emphasizes intellectual and physical development as well as annual and daily routines well-organized for students and we are proud to have an annual fixture. Complete our schedules and targets given. Excellent result in the 10th and 12th CBSE board exams. SSPIS There are digital classrooms and auxiliary library and laboratories and there is a large network of Internet connectivity campus for research work by students. She is one day cum residential school, which has state-of-the-art aesthetic facilities for both boys and girls. SSP International School is a boarding school in Gujarat. In the SSPIS Education Network, we have our expertise in caring for and guiding students, our goal is not only to train students and to clear examinations but to promote their scientific nature, to promote creativity and to make value and standards the most important. It is necessary to make them proud citizens.
The education system was focused on the development of practical wisdom instead of collecting information. Curriculum Integrated Ethical Values This was the unique way of education that students succeeded in the physical and spiritual fields of life.

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