Benefits of Using Qi Wireless Car Charger

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A few years back, the wireless charger had been introduced in the market to make your life convenient and easy. The trend has started when Apple’s iPhone X manufacturers initiated providing wireless charging facility to their customers than in the later stage, companies like Android started using this technology for their users.

Nowadays, major car manufacturers offer Qi Wireless Car Charger in their all the new car models. They are planning to enhance the standard of their brand and of course, somewhere it’s very effective when you leave home in a hurry and forget the wired charger at your place.

According to users, there are quality benefits of using Qi car charger as compared to traditional charging equipment. In this article, we’ll go through the most realistic features of the Qi charger. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive into the informative advantages of such type of accessory.

• With this portable charger, you will get confidence and never have to stress out about a dead battery.

• No wires to confuse with and healthy phone battery all day without thinking of charging your iPhone or Android phone.

• The benefit that pleases you that Qi wireless charging is fitted at several public locations and over 80 car models (from Mercedes-Benz to ford) have installed this feature to secure the life of your Smartphone.

• Qi standard charger is prior tested to ensure the safety of the customers.

• It successfully passes through an energy efficiency test.

• Qi is registered for wireless charging which goes through a laboratory test first.

• It is a remarkable product to offer safety while driving because in this case no need to mess up with cables. Safety comes first!

• It delivers safe and reliable charging experience to its every user.

• Qi-certified product is easy to use.

• Anytime you can charge your phone without looking for electrical port or switch.

How to use the Qi charger?
1. Simply place your phone on the charging dock
2. The automatic lock system prevents the phone to wear and tear
3. It has sensors on both sides for the easy release of a phone

Recognize the QI standard

To get the Qi standardized charger you need to follow some guidelines like look at the logo of the Qi but a logo isn’t a guarantee of real product and if you won’t see a logo it means a charger is fake. So, the next step is to ask for Qi certification of registration. This will reveal the truth of the quality charger you’re going to purchase and have a quality charger in a car to get your phone fully charged is the best idea.
After using this convenient source, many users are saying, “how did I survive without wireless charger before?” this is a power pack resource that technology brings to your door. So, without wasting a second, make a call to Flora – ultimate wireless car charger.


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