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The versatility of glass as a material with modern touch and appeal is the main reason that glass is slowly becoming one of the most sought after materials. Glass balustrades are no exception as they are rising in the popularity charts of modern day homes. Blitz Glass offers a one-stop shop for the trade industry supplying a wide range of the highest quality glass and hardware for pool fencing, balustrading, showers & aluminium screening at amazing trade prices.

Glass balustrade panels are used for staircases, balconies, or terraces as a glass balustrade maximizes a person’s view and initiates a sense of excitement. Balustrades are created with a purpose to keep people from ever falling off a balcony or a staircase. With glass balustrades, you can make them feel a pleasant thrill of being unsupported, while at the same time, maximizing their views of the lower levels.

The advancements in technology and architecture have allowed the usage of glass as efficient and extremely durable balustrades perfect for commercial or domestic use. Glass balustrades are created with vertical or horizontal sheets of glass. Now used commercially, Blitz glass offers glass balustrades in malls and shopping centres, allowing light to flow freely and giving the venue a sense of sophistication. For a modern take on design, why not take these glass balustrades into your own home and line your staircases with balustrades made of glass? Frameless glass balustrades are beautifully simple, but they can be intricate and ornate as well. Using Stainless and Glass Balustrade designs based solely on your own preference, you can add to your homes beauty and sophistication.

Glass balustrades are lauded for the elegance and style they bring. Often employed as balcony railings and in pool areas, they offer unobstructed view of the outside. If used indoors, then balustrades made from glass allow for more natural light giving homes a more cosy and natural feel.

About Blitz Glass:

Blitz Glass established in 2009 on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, is the leading local supplier of pool fencing, balustrading, shower panels and screening. Over the years they have progressed from being a supply & installation business into a wholesale supplier of an extensive range of high quality products to the Trade and DIY market.

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