AWS Management Console : an overivew of Amazon Web Services

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The AWS Management Console brings the unmatched breadth and depth of AWS right to your computer or mobile phone with a secure, easy-to-access, web-based portal. Discover new services, manage your entire account, build new applications, and learn how to do even more with AWS.

What can you do with the AWS Management Console?

The console makes it easy to find new AWS services, configure services, view service usage, and so much more. From updating user groups to building applications to troubleshooting issues, with the Console, you can take action quickly.


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Try out any AWS service with just a few clicks

The Console offers over 150 services you can configure, launch, and test to get hands-on experience with AWS. With the Console’s automated wizards and workflows, it’s even easier to quickly deploy and test common workloads. There’s also a resource library featuring articles and tips from AWS experts, Getting Started tutorials, on-demand webinars, reference deployment templates, and more.



Build and scale powerful applications

Use the Console and its API, CLI, CloudFormation templates, and other toolkits to build scalable architectures in any AWS data center around the world. You can customize your experience by pinning favorites and organize projects with resource groups and the tag editor. Plus, you’re only one click away from the AWS Marketplace where you’ll find hundreds of popular software products that run on AWS.


Oversee all administrative aspects of your AWS account from your desktop or mobile device. You can view your usage and monthly spending by service, set up AWS IAM users and groups, configure permissions, and manage security credentials. You can also quickly troubleshoot issues through visual monitoring. If you need extra help, submit a support ticket right from the Console to connect.

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