Amazon is popularly known to be the world’s largest online store. But it’s not only limited to that. It is gradually competing with the market ruling giants like Facebook and Google in terms of advertisements. It has also started competing with Netflix. After acquiring the complete foods market, Amazon has become a nightmare to the traditional grocers. Not limiting itself to all these but Amazon has also become the world’s biggest provider of cloud-computing services. According to a survey, before navigating to other sites 56% of customers search for any products on Amazon. Along with the product they also find information like a review of the product, comments, similar products suggestion, we usually search for in Google before purchasing a product. Amazon has its algorithm known as A9. It is a product ranking algorithm that helps to match the user’s search queries to products they are likely to purchase. To rank in Amazon, understanding A9 is very important. Understanding how the A9 algorithm works and what it takes to show up on the first page of Amazon’s search engine results pages is really important for getting consumers to know about your products.