Are You An Immigrant In New York? Check Out A Few Factors of Immigration Law

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Reports suggest that in 2015, approximately 22.9% of New York’s population was comprised of the state immigrant citizens. In the same year, the total population of immigrants in the USA was around 47 million.

* Who is an immigrant?

In simple words, a citizen who shifts from their native land and settles in another country is known as an immigrant. A person can shift from their native land for various reasons like permanent residence or employment.

There are a few clauses that an immigrant is subjected to face and considering the immigration law of each country, such clauses differ.

* What is immigration law?

It is an essential set of rules and regulations determined by the federal government of a country. These rules help to establish which immigrant can enter in their country and can dwell for how long.

Other than that, individuals desiring to avail permanent citizenship in New York or anywhere in the USA should abide by a few rules of naturalization. Such regulations are stated in Title 8 of the United States Code. For better understanding, an individual can consult an immigration lawyer in New York who can guide them.

The United States of America have categorised immigrants into a few segments. They are as follows –

I. Family – Based –

One of the primary categories of immigration is family-based. Such people are admitted through the family-preference system or being an immediate relative of a US citizen. Prospective petitioners are subjected to meet a few eligibility criteria such as,

A. Their parents are US citizen.

B. They are unmarried and minor (under 21 years).

C. The petitioner’s spouse is a US citizen.

II. Employment-based –

There are only two regulations, applied over a person for employment-based immigration. They are –

A. Temporary Visa
B. Permanent Immigration

III. Temporary Visa –

Such employment visa enables an employer to file a petition in order to hire an international citizen. One of the basic clauses of a temporary visa is that an employee might not be able to change their job. The specifications of such visa vary depending on various factors like duration, whether they can meet a few eligibility criteria if they are bringing dependants or nor, etc.

IV. Permanent immigration –

To get acquainted with the different norms of this category, an individual can consult an immigrant attorney in New York. If an employer desires to file a petition for their employee’s lawful residence, by following a few steps, an immigrant can avail permanent employment in the USA.

V. Per-Country –

This specific category can be considered as an attempt to prevent immigrant dominance over the province of USA. It is not allowed for a group of immigrants to exceed over 7% of the total number of immigrating citizens. Though an individual should be abiding by such regulations, but for a better understanding of how these systems work, they can hire an immigrant lawyer in New York.

An individual should have a clear knowledge regarding the various segments of immigration in the USA and apply accordingly. For legal assistance, it is advised to consult with an immigration attorney in New York to avail the required information and guidance during this process.

RAHUL MANCHANDA is the author of this article on immigration lawyer in New York. Find more information, about immigrant attorney in New York.

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