The following steps will help you rank your product in Amazon:

  • Research for the product:

Research is the initial stage before listing out your product in Amazon Starting from:

– Competitor Analysis: understand what product or products to launch into a marketplace and how competitive the landscape is for your chosen channel.
– Targeting audience: defining your target audience & building accurate buyer personas is something even billion-dollar brands make mistakes with.
– Keyword Research: The main function is to identify what the audience is searching for in the Amazon search engine. Accurate research will help the optimization process.

  • Product listing optimization:

We can launch the product once the Keywords and competitive analysis are completed. It will then check with the other signals to rank your product according to the customers need. Amazon product listing optimization is categorized into 6 steps.

– Amazon product listing title optimization: Title is one of the ranking factors, and it describes what your product is.
– Bullet Points: Bullet points tells briefly about your products. If a customer is interested in your product they will go through your bullet points. The bullet points will help them know more about the product. It is an integral part and it is believed that in the coming future the conversion will impact the Amazon search ranking.
– Product Descriptions & Enhanced Brand Content Optimization: The small description or text present at the bottom of the product is the product description. Enhanced Brand Content is basically reserved for brands that are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. It’s supposed to tie together the product and its features with your brand in a visual and attractive way.
– Back End Search Terms: Back end search terms is also one of the most integral parts of the Amazon rankings process itself. It is good to have as many keywords in this section as possible. It is always better to start with the highest search volumes and there shouldn’t be any kind of duplication in this.
– Benefit-driven images: Conversions puts a direct impact on image optimization. Benefit-driven images tell the important features that quickly convey to the user what your product is all about.

  • Sales of Product:

The sale is one of the important factors where everyone misses out, “more the sales, the higher you rank”. We can increase the sales of our product by Implementing Creative sales generation Campaign, Understanding the types of sales and Understand which sales really move the needle for improving the organic ranking of your Amazon products. There are 4 important ways to increase sales on Amazon the following steps will help out:

– Blogger and micro influencer outreach: find the more relevant influencer for your product who should have interested and responsive followers
– Email reach out: It is very important to target the right audience while sending the mail. If we reach the target’s audience then we can get some conversion out of it.
– Content placement on affiliate Websites: Affiliate websites are websites where you promote the product. We can list our product for a period of time by paying a certain amount of money and can generate quick sales.
– Display Advertising: We can use google display ads to directly target a huge number of audience. It will be a bit costly but we can get a good amount of sales out of it.


Before purchasing any product audience look for review which makes it an important conversion factor. As better the review is,  the higher the conversion rate. The review will also impact your organic ranking, it won’t affect directly but the number of sales through the review will affect the ranking. The simple review generating strategy is:

– Automated email feedback requests: It is one of the simple and best techniques to earn more review. There are tools which will help you achieve it.


  • The future changing SEO strategy for Amazon:

Amazon is likely to focus more on content such as listing in the Amazon should avoid broken English and plagiarism Content. This will mainly focus more on genuine and quality based business. The changes may take place in the coming future, but preventing this may help you rank in the future.


To Conclude

Hence, it is evident that people are more concentrating towards Amazon and it’s primarily important for every product based company to list its products on Amazon as it would not be wrong to tell that Amazon is becoming the future king of ‘E-Commerce’

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