How Are AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Different?

How Are AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Different?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating some of the most high-performing industries today. Though its use warrants in numerous benefits, it is yet to see mass adoption.

AI, machine learning, and deep learning are still easily confused concepts to many. The simplest way to think of these is to imagine the relationship between all three forming concentric circles, with AI being the outermost, machine learning the second circle, and deep learning fitting inside both of these.

Some of the top engineering institutes in India, such as B Tech colleges in Pune recognize the impact and influence AI has and will have in the future and ensure it is integrated in the course curriculum so that students are competent and informed about its role when they join the workforce.

Over the past few years AI has exploded. This has happened mainly due to two reasons, the wide availability of GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) and the Big Data movement.

Pioneers of AI started with a dream to build complex machines enabled by emerging computers which would possess the same characteristics of human intelligence. So where does this human intelligence come from? This takes us to our next topic of machine learning.

Machine learning is a basic practice to use algorithms to dissect data, learn from it, and determine something about the world from it. Machines are ‘trained’ with the help of large amounts of data and algorithms that give them the ability to learn how to perform tasks. The right learning algorithms make all the difference to achieve artificial intelligence in machines.

Deep learning is also an algorithm-based approach originating from the early machine learning crowd. Neural networks are inspired by the understanding of biology of the human brain.

Unlike the brain that is connected by neurons, artificial neural networks have discrete layers, connections, and directions of data propagation. Deep learning enables application of machine learning and thus AI.

Deep learning breaks down tasks so that all kinds of machine assists are made possible. Self-driving cars and improved preventive health-care are on the horizon due to the help of deep learning.

With AI poised to command the future, educational institutes such as M Tech colleges in Pune and other metro cities are already including AI in their teachings through conducting workshops, seminars, and events that are focused on this field.

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