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In this fast-running world, we all wish to visit a place which is peaceful and far away from city noise and crowd. At the same time, we want to enjoy the place to relieve stress and tension. Mostly the people from or near Delhi or Gurgaon, often love to take a leave and visit a place where they can relax. So, there is a place called Manesar which is an industrial township growing at a rapid pace. Many tourists visit this place because of its attractive locations to visit. If you are a nature lover who loves greenery and birds chirping around, Manesar is the right place to visit.

Also, while visiting Manesar you will come across many temples and beautiful gardens which are worth seeing. Every temple has some Hindu story related to it’s which attracts more and more tourists. Also, if you are worried about your stay, there are many luxurious hotels and resorts. There are amazing sight viewing hotels with amazing amenities and luxuries. Among many of them, the Best Western Resort Country Club is the best hotel with supreme stay experience and leisure activities for all age groups. This resort has amazing lush green views which will cheer you up. It has a variety of room options to choose from such as deluxe room main club CP, deluxe room main club MAP, and deluxe room main club. Now if we talk about the places, there are many options to explore like dam dama lake, mata sheetla devi temple, khimbu vala mandir, baba mohan ram temple, pipliwala mandir kharkhari, brahmrishi geetanand lake, Bhishma das mandir, tau devil lal park, hanuman mandir, Sultanpur bird sanctuary and many more.

So if you are planning to visit Manesar, make sure to know about some points and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Culture- The people of Manesar are very welcoming and friendly. Every festival is celebrated with great prosperity and joy. Be it a rocking music festival or scrumptious food festival, you will have a great time there. With all the fun and entertainment, you will still feel the essence of local culture and vibe. The varieties of festivals are enjoyed ranging from outdoor beach parties to crazy music festivals.
  • Weather- During the month of May, June, and July, Manesar is hottest and the temperature ranges between 40 degrees to 27 degrees. During the month of December, January and February, you will get to enjoy the best weather ranging between 20-25 degrees. Avoid going in July month if you are a fan of the rainy season.
  • Language- Official language spoken is Hindi but many locals are aware of English and Punjabi as well. So it is easy to talk with the locals.
  • Attractions- Though Manesar is a small town but you will find many places and attractions to explore. Manesar is linked with the Hindu heritage so this place has lots of famous temples like Hanuman Mandir, Shiv Mandir, Radha Krishan Mandir, Khatushyam Mandir, Shri Balram Krishan temple, Shri ram mandir, shiv Durga mandir, Prachin shiv mandir, baba Tiba mandir, Devi Sheetla Mata mandir and many more. For a one-day trip, you can visit Sultanpur bird sanctuary where you will find 200 different kinds of species and also migratory birds such as the Siberian crane, rosy pelican, the flamingo, and many more. You will also spot deer, nilgai, and mongoose very easily. You can easily get to see them in the month of September to March. For serene views, Damdama Lake, Sohna Lake, and golden turtle farm are the best where you can enjoy pleasant views. Sohna Lake has a sulphur spring that is famous for curing skin infections. In short, the Manesar is a small paradise where you will find peace and beauty.
  • How to travel- Manesar is well connected with metropolitan cities like Delhi and Haryana and you can easily travel via road and rail. Also, Manesar is 32 km away from Indira Gandhi International airport and is located on the national highway 48 which makes it connected with other cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Rewari, Dharuhera, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai.
  • Hotel- You will find plenty of amazing resorts and hotels with 5-star amenities and luxuries. One of the famous hotels is the best western resort country which provides amazing room views with lush green lawns and gardens. It also has a swimming pool where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family. You can book them before avoid any last-minute hassle through any well-known online platform. Don’t forget to compare the prices online to get the best deals and discounts. Make sure to book the hotel room one to two months before to get amazing rooms at low rates. Also, go through the reviews and recommendations before booking any hotel.


So above are some of the points you should know and read about before visiting Manesar. Also, make sure to check the weather forecast before making any plans so that you get the best weather to roam and explore the place. Avoid going in the summers due to scorching heat. The best weather to visit is December, January, and February. November is the dry season, so avoid making plans in that month too. For a one day picnic, you can even visit camp mustang. You can enjoy the thrill and adventurous activities such as tree climbing, rock climbing, shooting, etc.

Take online help to know everything about the place like weather, culture, attractions, heritage, hotels, etc, so as to enjoy the place and to know whether the place matches your taste or not. Never compromise in choosing the hotel as you will easily find amazing hotels within your budget if you check online. Online websites provide amazing deals, offers, and discounts. So look for them and choose wisely. Also, consider the recommendations of your friends and relatives as they will help you. A comfortable stay always helps in making the trip memorable and comfortable. You will always cherish the trip your whole life if you will get everything as per your choice and comfort.

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