A Few Predictions on the Future of SEO

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SEO plays a vital role in any website’s success. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and maintaining your content SEO rich means you will rank high on search engine rankings. Nowadays, it is all on how you write, keywords, meta tags, alt tags, and many more factors. But, in future SEO will change completely- all thanks to the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But, what will be the key factors in the future to analyze your rankings here are some predictions on the future of SEO especially when we discuss about ecommerce, coupons, cashback or any inline stream based site.There are many Best SEO Services in Noida which help to rank your website on google . User Experience will play a vital role

It is as simple as it gets. If websites are providing a good experience to its users and users come back to the website, it means Google will probably rank your website. In the future, Google algorithms might consider it and bring the top results keeping user experience in mind. Keywords are not only the sole strength of SEO now. Every year, Google has been bringing something new in how the SEO will work and how Google will rank your website. Now, Google has made clear that user experience will be the primary focus. And, in the near future, Google algorithm might consider it more strictly. So, not only keywords but user experience will play an equally important role to rank your website up on the search engines.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP websites are relatively lighter, faster and more beautiful than your actual website. It is the era of light tech and fast tech. Like smartphones have taken over computer systems, AMP websites will also take over websites. Not fully but it will play an important role in maintaining good SEO of your website.

After people have switched to smartphones and tablets, they love to get faster website loading and a better experience. AMP models of websites give you all that in a lighter medium. In the near future,

AMP websites will be more preferred in smartphones. As per a Google survey, 53% of people leave a website if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less. Crux of the story- people love speed when browsing on smartphones rather than visual elements. In the present Google ranking system, Google doesn’t pay much attention to AMP in ranking metrics. In near future, it will become one of the most important factors in ranking metrics. So, try to get an AMP version of your website.

Artificial intelligence will monitor your content

Rankbrain is one of the most important factors in deciding your Google search ranking nowadays. So you should do your technical seo strong for competing in the current world. But, still there are many website people who are not aware of Rankbrain. In the coming future, the SEO

results will come out or monitored under the artificial intelligence umbrella. The current era is all about machine learning and artificial intelligence and it will be no surprise that we will get to see artificial intelligence handling all our search rankings. Yes, it is still far ahead but all we can do for now is create quality content.


On your website, content must be the king. According to IndiaShoppers most important factor when it comes to search rankings. One must maintain the quality of its content. Like every year Google is updating its policies, a user must get great stuff from a website. User must be satisfied or loving the content. A satisfied customer will come back again to your website which means you are a trusted brand or company. If your blog is comprehensive enough to keep your users full of information, then your website is a master key. In the near future or forever I would say, content will play the major factor in bringing you on top of the search engine results.

Website URL

Google prefers websites with short URLs. Moreover, if your website’s URL has a keyword which a user is searching for, you might get on top of the search list. So, always try to place a keyword in your blog URL.

Also, the power of backlinking will never fade away. More backlinking you have, the more trusted yoursite will become- high domain authority automatically.

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