9 Work From Home Tips To Maximise Your Productivity

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It is a struggle to maintain a working attitude and personal efficiency. We will make sure to tell you what to do in order to work with maximum efficiency, to build the right relationships with household members who strive to shove more household chores onto you and not die bored working alone.

Organise your workspace

Ideally, this should be a home office, but not everyone has the opportunity to allocate a separate room for this. A comfortable table on which there is nothing superfluous will be quite enough. You only need to put there the necessary effective things like a planner, a work notebook, laptop and the documentation that you need.
A properly organised work area will help you focus quickly and not be distracted by extraneous things. This will be complemented by the analogue of “office clothes“. Of course, you do not need to wear a suit, but you should not work in an old t-shirt or pyjamas either.

Determine for yourself the start of your working day

Paradoxically, many like remote work because of the flexible working hours. Everyone hates getting up early to start work in the office, but pretty soon they come to the conclusion that this effective measure is really necessary.
Otherwise, week after week, you can find yourself any kind of occupation at home, except for work itself, and everything can end quite sadly. If in the office surrounded by colleagues there is nothing special to do except work, you can easily find other things to do at home. If we add to this the usual laziness that attacks any of us from time to time, the picture will turn out to be quite gloomy.

Plan your tasks

The effective habit of scheduling things by making a list in descending order of importance or urgency can sometimes be very helpful. So you will not forget what and in what sequence must be done so that later an emergency does not happen with urgent completion and alteration of the necessary things all night long. It is most sensible to make a plan for the day and for the week, then it will be quite easy for you to structure your time and be on time for everything.

Take breaks from work

In the plan of the working day, there must be a place for a break. It can be used for lunch, browsing social media, or walking in the park or shopping. This will allow you not to be distracted by such things during the day and will help you to work more efficiently. Working non-stop won’t bring you any good. Resting is very important, don’t neglect it.

Organise your free time

Extroverts sometimes have a particularly hard time working from home. Teamwork involves some kind of effective communication with colleagues, and at home, a person is left to himself with the inability to discuss something important or interesting in a smoking room, for example.
Plan any socially effective activity after the end of the working day, there is absolutely no need to lock yourself in four walls and run wild without communication.

Talk to your family

It is very important to have an effective informative talk with your family – they must clearly understand that they do not need to meddle with you with household chores, because, even while staying at home, you are focused on work.
Explain that if you are unable to concentrate, you can make mistakes in your work that could cost you extra time or money, which could affect family members as well. Knowing your working hours will help them cope with household issues on their own, and the habit of working in a specific place will help them get used to this new situation in family life.

Communicate with colleagues

There are many ways to keep an effective working and friendly relationship with colleagues: continue to communicate in chats or instant messengers, and periodically meet to work together in the same cafés. Your company probably has some suitable intranet solutions already. Make sure to use them. This will help you not to lose professional skills and keep abreast of all company news.

Show initiative

The rules for working from home are in many ways not too different from everyday office work. If you don’t want to be forgotten, remind everyone of yourself and communicate with the management more often.
Make sure that they know that you would like to be noticed and appreciated. Show effective initiative, suggest new ideas and participate in the discussion of new projects more often. This will help your career progress, and it will keep you in a working mood.

Work from a public place

To cope with the boredom and monotony of effective work from home, a “fasting day” in the form of work in another place where there are other people also helps a lot. For example, you can find a cosy café with a stable and fast Internet connection and a magnificent view from the panoramic window.
You can also find coworking spaces. The main thing is that you get new emotions, but this should not be reflected in the work process. Experiment and find what is working the best for you.


Working from home can be both a nightmare and a dream come true. It’s all up to you. We are convinced that these tips can help you get the best out of this experience. You will be efficient, hardworking and focused. And who knows, maybe you are the next employee of the month?

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