8 tips how to choose the best software outsourcing partner

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Most companies today need to create an app at some point. However, you don’t need to employ programmers just for that. Especially in the era, where you can find software development company behind every corner. Another reason for partnering app development company is management. Handling development is hard with sales and production on your mind.

Every single enterprise has specific requirements and demands when it comes to outsourcing software development. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right development agency that will work well with your business.

However, choosing the actual app development company who will become your software development partner isn’t exactly easy. Here are some helpful tips everyone should consider while choosing a company to partner with.

  • Qualifications — the higher, the better. Top 3 countries with the best programmers right now are USA, China and Poland. At least according to Top Coder Ranking. Software development outsourcing business is hot there!
  • English — choose someone you will be able to communicate with. English Proficiency Index comes with help — you can check the ranks. Again, Poland has very high notes.
  • Language — Italian and French are beautiful, but it doesn’t matter when it comes to creating an app. However, choosing the best programming technology is crucial. Ask for expertise -consulting is something every software company should do for free.
  • Technology check what the app development agency really does. There are web app programmers and mobile experts. You need to know which one you want to create.
  • You = key account — the best scenario is to have the full focus of an agency. Small companies tend to dedicate resources and manpower to making the best app for you. Another aspect is keeping the deadlines.
  • Country — you don’t have to partner the most renowned company from Silicon Valley. There are lots of good coders in India, Romania and Ukraine. And even better developers with more experience in Poland. They also have European security standards, protection of data and western culture.
  • Money — of course it is crucial. Even when you are not cheap, you want to save as much as possible. Why pay twice as much for the same service? Again, consider the country of IT agency you want to work with and negotiate.
  • Travel — who said you can’t benefit personally? Choose a software development partner from a place you’d like to visit! Romania and Poland are beautiful and cheap. The flight from most of Europe is quick and costs as much as a bubble gum.

Software development isn’t easy at all. However, when you remember these tips, it should be much simpler. You can visit https://zaven.co/and find more valuable content about outsourcing IT and choosing software development agency. You can ask for Filip Matusiakiewicz.


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