7 Trends You May Have Missed About Serviced Office Space in 2019

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Staying up-to-date with the latest trends is a smart move in the business world. 2019 is geared up to maintain its wonderful progress worldwide. The recent research said, serviced office gaining 70% positive response. Thousands of companies around the globe are draining traditional office and moving to serviced office space. It’s time to ditch huge expenses that usually we pay in traditional office space.

With time, a new invention is introduced in serviced office space. Let’s shed a light on trends that come under the category of serviced office space:
1. 24/7 Access:
The hectic and boring nine to five shift will be turned into 24/7 access, adjustable time roster and it gives space or privacy to your work. This is a reason why most buildings are opened complete 24 hours a day. If you think, it damages your assets, relax!! the key card system is operated to keep your security alive.

2. Learning is a new work experience:
Every year one percent of the jobs are fully new in the market. For new start-ups, it’s not easy to cope up with all the rents, so they should go with Serviced office in KL. Another benefit to enrolling with this working environment is a ray of hope to get expert in your own field. Take creative ideas from your co-workers. If you’re not able to fix some problem, consult the experience one.

3. Advance technology to work with:
The main aim of serviced office operators to manage the latest tools & technology along with qualified staff to ensure every technique is worked effectively. Getting new equipment and testing its quality is a huge stress. Working in serviced office space will not bind you in any contract, in fact, it gives you space to fly high.

4. New Marketing Tool:
When you start working with another worker, obviously you start interacting with them and at some point in time; you can introduce your business to them. During all this, when they need any source or service, you can help them. Indirectly it can be a promotional tool for your business.

5. Experience-Driven Space:
The goal of serviced space is to give a better experience to your employees. The experience-driven spaces add phenomenal features in its list to boost up employees energy:

  • Open area to walk
  • Meditation areas
  • Gaming space
  • Separate corner to spend time on your personal calls
  • Music Stages

6. Pay as You Use:
With a serviced office space you’ll pay only the section you used. Suppose you need a meeting room in KL, you can book it on per hour basis. When you’re not using a meeting room, conference room you are not allowed to pay anything.

7. Flexible Workspace in 2019:
The growth of flexible workspace is all set to wake up a new market. There are no time restrictions or fixed shift that one has to follow. Independently, you come and go. When you feel tired, take a nap for a moment in between your work. And Colony will give you an exact serviced office space that you’re expecting.
The development of serviced office in 2019 will bring a new revolution in business. With the passage of time, new trends and technologies are adopted by employees, as it makes their working style little better than previous formats.


A colony is Malaysia's luxury coworking space and serviced office borne out of a desire to do more and do better.
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