6 Noteworthy T-Shirt Printing Techniques

You are currently viewing 6 Noteworthy T-Shirt Printing Techniques

Have you ever wondered in the processes that are there behind the journey of a plain t-shirt once they are printed with a design that is there in the riot of colors? There are several printing methods now to get the best prints ever and there is always rise for digital t-shirt printing.

The following are the best methods involved in digital apparel printing that adds life to t-shirts.

Screen Printing

When you are printing in bulk, screen printing is the most popular method that is used widely while getting prints of t-shirts. For the application of ink to the t-shirt, it involves the use of screens. It can last a long time with the resulting artwork which is of very high quality.

When it is used effective for digital t-shirt printing it proves to be very cost-effective and is used effectively. Ink is applied to the t-shirt directly through the mesh screens in the process here.

It is comparatively quite inexpensive when it comes to screen printing and this is the best thing here. When you have a design with lots of color in it, it can turn out to be quite expensive as each of the colors require a separate screen. You might also need to print many t-shirts at once with a similar design for screen printing to be cost-effective.

You also need to keep the ink colors, as well as locations of the design to its minimum, are what you need to keep in mind here.

Inkjet /Laser Iron-on Transfer

For the designing involving multi-colors and complex details, heat transfers are almost as popular as screen printing. A special heat transfer paper decides on the chosen design is printed with the use of an inkjet printer or a laser printer in this method. For transferring the design onto the t-shirt, this is used.

With your own customizations on your computer, you will be designing or choosing your design for the t-shirt. The image is then printed with the use of an inkjet printer or laser printer. You need to apply the heat with a hot iron while you are placing the transfer paper on the t-shirt design side down. The design will then be transferred onto your t-shirt with the amount of pressure and heat that is applied.

DTG (Direct to garment printing)

If you are printing some colorful designs for smaller lots say suppose 5 t-shirts or less than that, this is the best method that is involved here in the t-shirt printing zone. This method proves to be a boon for on-demand printing on t-shirts as well as for printing photos. For the application of the prints you need DTG machines and this is usually used for cotton blend t-shirts.

With a great degree of precision and accuracy of colors, the DTG printer prints directly onto the t-shirt.

CAD cut Vinyls

Here in this process, Vinyl cut-outs are applied on the t-shirt with the application of heat. With the help of a machine, the design is then cut from the solid colored vinyl sheets. With vinyl printing, it is a cost-effective method other than that of the cost specialized cutters. Vinyl offers you different types of prints and patterns.

These are actually great for smaller numbers and it not great for the bigger lots and this is one problem that is involved here. it also might feel too stiff and heavy is the design is big.

If you are looking for the most durable and cost-effective process then this is the one.

Plastisol Transfers

With awesome outcomes which also give you the feeling of softness, plastisol heat transfers are quite a favorite option. If you are looking for an indirect screen printing then this is the one. For transferring the design that is used regularly by the professionals it uses high-quality heat transfer paper on which the design is screen printed with the digital printing method.

You can also print the one-off orders without incurring much cost and this is the advantage that is involved here. to a high-quality screen printed designs the results are well comparable.

Dye Sublimation printing

This printing is usually made on white polyester t-shirts and it works its best with the manmade fabrics. When you are looking at pre-heated fabric with varying rates of success they work at its best on 50% polyester blend t-shirts.

The process involves the transformation of the dye into a vapor that is then absorbed into the polyester fabric of the t-shirt.  The outcome of the prints is similar to that of the DTG prints as it involves a great soft feeling for this durable printing method which is apt for the 100% polyester t-shirts.

For this sublimation printing method all over designs are used. You can even print the smaller lots and this is the advantage you are going to have here.

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