6 Key Trends and Statistics to Drive Your Recruitment Strategies

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The present recruitment landscape is nothing like how it was compared to ten years ago. In the past, companies were known to have more control. Resumes flock to hiring managers, and the selection tactics were quite standard. Invite them for an interview and hire them if they’re good.

Now, the tables have seemingly turned. There are so many job opportunities and flexible work models that brands need to make a strong first impression to be considered by jobseekers. This phenomenon has produced a candidate-driven market wherein companies have to win their top applicants and showcase a comprehensive benefits package or exciting work culture before they say yes.

That’s why continuously studying recruitment trends is crucial for HR practitioners—out with the old and in with the new, as they say. If you’re still doing the same hiring strategy as five years ago, it probably won’t hold a candle to some of your fiercest competitors who regularly implement new tactics.

Services and practices such as recruitment process outsourcing, recruitment marketing, and automation are at the forefront of these changes in the recruitment industry. Technology and solid branding will help you power through this new era in the hiring landscape and, most importantly, with your goal of attracting top talent.

If you’re ready to discover the best trends and strategies to implement, all you need to do is take a look at the infographic below. Plus, get to learn intriguing stats, popular recruitment channels you should be on, and how to improve the candidate experience in your overall recruitment process.

Key Trends and Statistics to Drive Your Recruitment Strategies


Pem is the Marketing Manager of SuperStaff. Prior to working at Logiscale, he handled a small marketing agency in Los Angeles. In his free time, he pampers his dog all day long.
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