5 Trends that Will Define Digital Marketing in 2019

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Digital Marketing, even though you may wish to, simply can’t be sidelined in today’s times. There is no questioning the power of effective digital marketing. An optimally executed advertising and marketing campaign can fulfill the requirements of any business, and raise the demand for the service or product which they offer. However, times have seen a change, and keeping in mind that the requirement of marketing is essential, where that marketing proves to be the most effective, has seen a sea of change.

In other words, we can say that the trends have changed, and are bound to change in the future as well.

In the light of this, it becomes essential and wise to plan and design your Digital Marketing strategies accordingly, to taste success. That’s exactly what I Brand, the Digital Marketing company in Pune , does for you. Our team of Digital Marketing professional experts keep a close eye on the latest trends, and accordingly plan, design and execute strategies, as a part of the SEO, SMM and other services. Thus, I Brand assures you the best ROI, as far as Digital Marketing is concerned.

Coming back to the latest top trends in Digital Marketing, let’s list them out….

  1. The use of Chatbot will see a rise :

The use of Chatbots is already extensive on Facebook, by the numerous, for various undertakings. Right from weather forecasts to automation of some essential customer support functions that can be handled easily with the help of sophisticated software. Bots enable users to have customized, focused interactions without extracting a lot from the limited resources available. The benefits of the use of Chatbots are already evident, leading to a rise in their usage. It is expected to increase further in 2019, for Digital Marketing.

  1. Instagram’s growing popularity amongst kids :

This video and image-based social media platform is designed to make it simple for users to share both videos and photographs from their phone, which is at present the most omnipresent computing gadget on earth, and quickly developing into a computer by choice, for the majority out there.

Instagram’s substantial ascent has just passed one billion users, a noteworthy accomplishment. That implies it’s a standout amongst the most quickly developing social media platforms and, maybe more importantly, majority of its users are the much desired youthful demographic, particularly under the age of 30.

So much so that Facebook is facing the brunt!

  1. Email is traveling towards becoming more personalized :

No denying the fact that Email is still going strong, and email based marketing holds great value.

Be that as it may, email marketing is growing, and conventional marketing mails aren’t effective as they used to be. It is currently a blend of automation and, all the more importantly, customization that makes email marketing imperative for 2019. When you can channelize your email marketing to something particular, e.g., a consumer browsing a specific product, and later append with a demo video or a promotional price inside a customized email. It can result into an effective strategy. Email is more often than not, the last “trigger” to spur an action, particularly when blended with your re-marketing strategies.

  1. Facebook is expected to peak :

Facebook is as of now, the numero uno social media platform in the United States, with as many as 41% of its users being more than 65 years old. So, in case of marketing that is aimed at a senior demographic, there can’t be a better place than Facebook.

It’s vital for wannabe Digital Marketers to truly take a gander at who their target audience is, on the grounds that Facebook might be entirely unsuitable for certain campaigns, particularly as it keeps on drifting downwards with youthful demographics. However, Facebook is still a huge thing, and numerous Americans continue to use it, but be more reasonable with who your target audience is, and ensure they’re still on Facebook, or else, you’re focusing on the wrong social networking platform.

  1. There is no option for good content as yet :

Content marketing is still a fundamental part of digital marketing. In spite of the fact that there’s a rising emphasis on subtlety in content. The quality will always matter a lot. However, at this point, there’s a renewed interest for having a deeper look at who the targeted recipients are.

So, no denying that general audience content was, is, and dependably will be important, specific content for particular industries or specialists can likewise yield amazing outcomes. That, blended with enhanced techniques in estimating content effectiveness, would continue to keep content marketing useful and progressing.

That was regarding the latest 2019 trends in Digital Marketing.

As far as result oriented Digital Marketing services are concerned, I Brand, the Digital Marketing Agency in Pune, is your destination. Be it SEO, SMM, ORM, or any of the related services. Get in touch now!

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