5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Event Space in Kuala Lumpur

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The venue is a big flash that sets an event to shine high, so it’s very important to choose the right venue at the right time from the right dealer. When you organize an event, finalizing an Event space in KL is one of the largest actions that influence the audience deeply.

For a successful running event, need to book a space approximately 4 to 6 months in advance. With it, you have plenty of time to take care of other responsibilities such as presentation, event brochures, and website.

In all of this, study 5 things that you should look out before hiring an event space in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Location

This should be the first concern when you hire a venue. Look for space which is at a minimum distance from the attendees’ homes or offices. If your maximum attendees are international, keep in mind the transportation status of the location.

Choose the space which is familiar around the city or country. Otherwise, convey a message to your participants to use the GPS maps technology to reach your destination and it is a very reliable source to hit the location at the exact time.

2. Parking

At crowded places, parking is a huge problem and to tackle it is not as easy as you think. Does the venue have a parking service? No matters!! If they don’t have parking area of their own but they must be capable enough to arrange the parking whenever required by hiring nearby space.

3. Budget

In this overprized society, keep the things under your budget is extremely important. You must be clear with your budget and how much you can invest in arranging an event space. Here colony is a pretty cool idea to go with it.

Don’t feel shy or shame to negotiate if possible. Remember before signing final documents, confirm the dates and time of your event.

4. Cafeteria

For lunch or tea break, you need nearby cafeteria, so make sure wherever you choose the venue that should be closer to the market. An individual can’t afford to travel longer just for the cafeteria.

Pre or post-event time wants some snack moments and if you have canteen next to your event door, the participant will feel a bit relaxation from hunger or long going event.

5. Services and Facilities

There are a number of other services you should check before hiring any venue. Ask a few questions to the building owner;

Do They Have Proper Tables and Chairs for Sitting?

If a venue has all these furniture items, it’ll save you lots of money and efforts. With it, you’ll feel like your search is finally completed.

Do They Have Clean Up Staff?

This service usually depends on your budget. The setup or clean up services come when you’re paying some heavy perks to the owner. But still, some landlords offer this facility within your cost.

Final Thought

Step out from your comfort zone and pick the event venue that best suits you and your audience.


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