5 Simple Stress Management Tips That Really Work

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What is stress? Is it a normal part of life now-a-days or are we now habitual to it? The answer is no. Stress can be related to anything like the stress we put ourselves through voluntarily of looking a certain way, job stress, health issues, family obligations, peer pressure. Not only negative events even positive events like getting married, getting a new job, having a baby also cause stress because they involve change and lead to stress. 

The best way to deal with stress is to address the current situations head-on and, at the same time, be ready to handle any stressful circumstances that may be thrown at you.

About 60 percent of the population of the whole world is suffering from stress. Each age group has their own things that induce stress. Stress is the major reason for the increase in the number of deaths due to cardiovascular disorders such as heart attack, angina, congestion, heart failure, etc. Stress can act as the fundamental cause for the development of various diseases and complications which can affect your daily routine activities. So, it is essential to reduce the stress levels in the body. 

In this segment, you will learn about the simple but amazing five tips to manage stress. Let’s go.


The management of stress is very important to live a pleasant and disease free life. Here are amazing five tips that will definitely help you in reducing the stress levels and refreshing your mind. Go through it and get highly positive results.

1. Take a healthy diet

A healthy diet and stress levels are closely related to each other. Being overwhelmed, we forget to consume the right things and get to fatty, sugary, and snack foods. These foods give no benefit to the body but trigger the stress levels. So, ensure that your meal consists of a large quantity of fruits, vegetables and other nutrition rich foods. Consumption of healthy food items such as brazil nuts, fatty fish, eggs, yogurt, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, etc. will balance your body hormones and promote healthy functioning of the brain. Also avoid the usage of unhealthy foods including fast foods, fried foods, and junk foods, along with alcohol and cigarette consumption. 

2. Keep yourself active

Inactive lifestyle is a key factor to induce stress as well as depression. Long working hours, family responsibilities, study, etc. may be the things that consume your whole day and give no time for self-care. Adapting such a lifestyle is obviously a stress booster and it is mandatory to avoid such a lifestyle. So, extract at least 45 minutes from your sedentary lifestyle and do some physical workout. While doing exercise, our body releases happy hormones that cut down stress causing and other unpleasant brain chemicals. Exercise will provide you a crisp and revitalized feel by calming down your overthinking as well as excreting toxic substances in the form of sweat. Exercise doesn’t mean only the lifting of weights in the gym, but you can also do walking, running, cycling, swimming, aerobics or dancing as well. Play some motivational or cheerful beat songs to make you sweat while dancing. 

Stress management home remedy

3. Get enough sleep

A proper sleep is vital for overall health, especially for the brain. During sleep, our body’s healing mechanisms are in operation to repair damaged tissues and cells to prepare them for the next day working. But lack of sleep is the major cause of stress, anxiety and various other health-related ailments. The vicious sleep cycle causes the brain and the body to get out of whack and only gets worse with time. Turn off your TV and dim room lights to relax your body on the bed. A good sleep for 7-8 hours will help you in managing stress and performing daily routine activities wisely. Sleep time from 10 PM to 6 AM is deemed as the best for achieving longevity.

4. Laugh it off

Laughing is also very beneficial in improving mood and reducing the stress causing hormones. Laughing produces endorphins which are helpful in decreasing cortisol and adrenaline hormones mainly involved in the development of stress. Laughing tricks our nervous system into making our mood happy. You can watch some comedy shows, movies, videos on TV or mobile to laugh. Many comedy shows are broadcasted on the channels at a fixed time to make you happy. You can also join a laughter club in your city in which people gather at a park and laugh out loudly. Laughing is a very crucial technique to get relief from stress and make the face glowing.

5. Avoid stress inducing things

Firstly, know about the things that are causing stress in your life. Look at your daily routine activities and find which things are major causes of inducing stress. If you are suffering from financial problems, save your money expenditure by purchasing necessary things only to avoid stress. Similarly, keep your office work done before deadlines to avoid the boss’s anger. Sort out the things with your partner if the stress is developing from relationships. Similarly find out the complicated things and sort them out instead of running far from them. Living a simple and disease free life will automatically remove stress and fill your life with a boost of energy.


Follow and adapt the above given tips to manage stress naturally. If the specific action to control your stress is not taken at the right time, it can lead to the development of various life-threatening diseases which can frustrate you for a lifetime. So, give time to yourself because you are very precious to your loved ones and follow the given tips to get rid of stress.

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